Duck Duck Go

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is DuckDuckGo (DDG)?

DuckDuckGo (DDG) is an open-source search engine alternative to the industry's big names established in 2008. This engine uses information from publicly sourced sites to increase traditional search results and increase relevance. Its main philosophies are privacy, avoiding bubble filters, and not recording user information.

How Does DuckDuckGo Work?

This search engine is written in Perl code, uses an Nginx web server, and runs primarily on FreeBSD. Furthermore, it can be considered a hybrid search engine. In addition to using its crawler, it also uses the API of the main search engines on the Internet. This means that when searching for something in this engine, the results have been obtained in two ways. First of all, DuckDuckGo has its crawler called DuckDuckBot, which analyzes the Internet by collecting web pages. Second, it also gets results from about 400 different sources, including search engines like Bing or Yahoo and services like Wikipedia. 

Economically speaking, it sustains itself serving ads through the Yahoo or Microsoft advertising networks, also through an affiliate marketing system and partnerships with companies such as Amazon or eBay. It shows advertising in your searches but without tracking or misleading the ads to cause them to be clicked. On July 1, 2020, it was reported that Indian operators had blocked the DuckDuckGo application Jio and Airtel after the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned more than 50 applications of Chinese origin, saying that they were involved in harmful activities. For the sovereignty and integrity of India, subsequently, on July 4, the service was restored.

Special Features Of DuckDuckGo


The !Bang keywords enable users to search specific third-party websites using the same search engine as the site. It consists of adding a command composed of an exclamation point and some letters at the beginning or end of the search.

Instant Responses

DuckDuckGo uses more than 100 sources to provide answers to a search without the need to click on a result, but simply by looking at the immediate answer above the result, some examples:

Alternative calendar

  • Amazon
  • Ascii to binary
  • Binary logic
  • Calendar
  • DNS
  • Emoticon
  • Factors
  • Images
  • Movie
  • Nutrition

Autosuggest (also known as autocomplete)

Recipes: For recipe search results, press the click Recipe´s link under the search box.

If you write the word recipes in your search, recipe search results will appear automatically no matter the search. (e.g., fish recipes)

Keyboard Shortcuts: You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the results (as opposed to the mouse).

News: If news search results are particularly relevant for your search, they will appear automatically.

Dates: When searching on DuckDuckGo, you have the ability to limit search results to a certain timeframe.

Safe search: Safe search lets you remove adult content from results on DuckDuckGo.

Benefits For SEO Or Marketing Using DuckDuckGo

There is currently no adequate data regarding SEO for DuckDuckGo. If search engine popularity is to increase, many SEOs will specialize in web optimization for this search.

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