Domain Authority (DA)

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority, also known as DA, is a search engine rate score created by the Search Engine Optimization Platform MOZ, which aims to analyze a site and predict how well it will rank in search results. Is an important tool for Search Engine Optimization.

How Is Calculated The Domain Authority?

The Domain Authority score of a website is measured from 1 to 100, being the closer the site’s score to 100, the higher the probabilities that the page will perform in a good place in the search results, the better the ranking so more probabilities that the site will get organic traffic.

The Domain Authority combines 40 different methods or tools to calculate the Authority a Domain has, the more used and common are:


It qualifies the site by evaluating the quality and quantity of the links linked to other sites.

Link Profile

It studies the internal and external links in a website; a page with links from sites with a good reputation and links to good sources will most likely rank well.


It investigates the trustworthiness of the websites linked to other ones; sites with multiple links to other trustworthy sites will most likely rank well.

Why Is Important The Domain Authority?

Even though Domain Authority does not affect a website's performance in search results or the ranking of a site, it is a very useful Search Engine Optimization tool because it helps to compare an owner’s website with the competing sites. And it is the most accurate mediation and representation of the search results and a key to understanding why some areas tend to rank higher than other ones.

Suppose a page has a high Domain authority. In that case, it will have more possibilities to rank higher in search results than a site with low DA, so there is a direct relationship between the Domain Authority scores and a site performing better in the search engines ranking.

How To Find Out A Site’s Domain Authority?

It is always a good idea to check a site’s Domain Authority regularly to know how the page is performing and if some things can be improved.

There are many things to take note of when trying to determine a site’s Domain Authority (DA), some of them:

  1. Age of the domain name
  2. Total of backlinks to the site
  3. Related backlinks to the domain

Also, checking the authority of a website’s backlink is a really good thing to do. If a website receives editorial links from high authority domains, it will most likely have more chances of ranking higher. 

It is very important to denote that once a website stats improving its Domain Authority (DA), it will get more and more difficult to get it to go higher; it is way easier for a site to go from a Domain Authority score of 1 to 20 than it would be going from to 40 to 60. 

Check out your DA: