Do Follow Backlinks

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Are Do-Follow Backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks are simply descriptors because a do-follow value for the rel attribute does not exist in HTML. Dofollow is the default state of a link. So do-follow links are technically all links that do not have a rel attribute with a no-follow value.

How Dofollow Backlinks Work?

Dofollow backlinks allow whatever search engine you are using to follow them and reach your website.

Search engine crawlers crawl the web using dofollow backlinks, determining who links to whom. These links transmit a type of authority or value called "link juice" from one site to another.

A dofollow backlink is like a vote of confidence for a site, and if a site has enough votes, search engines conclude that the site has high-quality content.

Dofollow backlinks from quality sites are one of the main factors that Google considers when evaluating a website.

The higher the quality of the linking site, the more powerful the backlink will be. On the other hand, dofollow backlinks from low-quality sites (sites loaded with viruses and spam) may damage your SEO.

Dofollow backlinks (also known as "follow") are the type of links that pass value (link juice) between web pages. Google uses these links to increase the PageRank level or value of the linked page.

For example, while writing a review for a client, you get a good source. It can be a product review, a study, or something else of interest. In this case, a dofollow backlink should be added because it tells search engines that the website you are pointing to is recommended.

Of course, the search engine wants to know the reason for linking to another source since they need to satisfy the company and the end customer. In this way, they guarantee the use of the search engine.

Through the dofollow backlinks, Google determines if the page to which it is being linked has value and, therefore, should rank it higher. Suppose multiple authoritative websites link to a specific resource. In that case, Google will rank that website as important and valuable, thereby prioritizing it in search rankings.

What Do Dofollow Backlinks Look Like?

DoFollow Backlink Example:

DoFollow backlinks are the default state. Therefore, there is no Html attribute or tag specifically called “dofollow”. This term is only used to make the difference from what does exist, the "nofollow".

Therefore, a dofollow backlink would look like this:

<a href="””">Ejemplo Web</a>

<a href="””">Tu blog</a>

<a href="””">Google</a>

<a href="">great seo tools</a>

Where And How To Create Dofollow Backlinks?

  • With long-standing or world-renowned pages. They can be official pages, media, or authorized websites.
  • Blogs with a large number of visits.
  • Educational websites or universities.