Directory of Websites

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is A Directory Of Websites?

A Directory of Websites, also called a Link Directory, is a list or catalog of websites grouped by categories and subcategories.

What Does a Directory of Websites Comprise?

Most directories are general, listing websites with a certain number of categories, regions, and languages. Some may be limited to certain regions, highly specialized sectors, specific topics, or a single language.

These directories not only include a link, but they can also include the title of the website and a brief description of its content. One type of directory with many sites is shopping; a classic example is where they specialize in listing retail e-commerce sites.

The Directory of Websites shows links in lists with structures to make navigation easier. Sometimes they mix searching and browsing in a search engine.

What Are The Different Types Of Directory of Websites Directories?

Payment Directories.

They are those directories that are paid to include a web link. These are favorable for positioning because having fewer links give greater authority.

Free Directories.

They are those directories that include links to web pages for free. They are not so used for positioning because they have a lot of information and are sometimes considered spam.

Directories By Record

They are free directories, but for their use, the visitor must register, request the inclusion of a site link in the directory and wait for the approval.

Reciprocal Directories

They are free, and unlike the previous one, they request that a link is published; that is, it is an exchange of links.

Directories By Bids.

They are paid directory. In these, the position in the directory depends on the price paid in an auction. The more you pay, the higher the site to occupy.

Examples of the most popular website directories on the internet

AboutUs the open directory

The Internet's largest web directory AboutUs

It consists of an open project similar to Wikipedia. It has no limitations in the webmasters, and anyone can be included to publicize websites in a free and open way.


The web directory Open Directory Project (ODP), popularly known as DMOZ, was Google's directory. It was the product of the collaboration of volunteer editors who created lists and classified them by category.

This directory was free and required extensive review to be included in it. It was closed on March 14, 2017.

Yahoo Directory

Previously this was the most popular web directory on the internet, but it was deactivated at the end of 2014.


It is not considered a directory, but it deserves to be named for being a web services information and announcements site that possesses authority and prestige. Within the conditions, you can only include a link associated with a specific geographic area for 45 days, and then it can be renewed.

These are the best known, but on the internet, there are thousands of small web directories used for the website's web positioning.

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