Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is A Deep Link?

A deep link is used by a hyperlink that sends the user directly to a specific web content that is not the website's main home page.

Why Is A Deep Link Important?

The use of Deep Link on the internet is extremely important because it provides a series of benefits such as:

  • The visitor who is browsing can go to a product or service's content without having to do another search in parallel.
  • It is very useful for search engines because it helps them to index websites more effectively.
  • The use of the Deep link helps increase the time that the visitor is on a web page because it can direct them to another site within the same page.
  • If the Deep link leads the search towards a mobile app, it encourages the user to install the application on their mobile device to satisfy their need for information about a product or service

In short, Deep Links are very useful for Internet users because they make navigation smooth, minimize rotation and increase the possibility of an installation.

Mobile Device Deep Linking

On the Web, HTTP and URLs allow the creation of Deep Links to link the visitor with a specific product or service on a website, but when they are shared on a mobile device, it is observed from a browser, this indicates that they are not compatible with apps,

Due to this and the increase in mobile devices, specific mobile deep linking has been created for apps that are properly configured to use the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​and help the user be directed directly to the content of a product within the application.

What Are Different Types Of Mobile Deep Linking?

There are several types of Deep Link in the field of mobile apps; among them, we have:

Basic Deep Link

Within mobile applications, there are Basic Deep Links. These require the visitor to download the app to access the content of a product. Once the download is made, the basic deep link will take them to a welcome page to search for information.

Deferred Deep Link

A Deferred Deep Link links that direct the user to the specific content of a product when the application is installed; otherwise, it is directed to the application store, suggesting which app to install to open it.

Contextual Deep Link

A Contextual Deep Link is one that links the user of mobile devices with specific content within an application and not with the main screen, regardless of whether the application has been previously installed or not.

These types of links allow information to be passed through the application store, such as the App Store (iOS) or Google Play, and provide elementary information for the apps' developers to improve user visits.

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