Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What is De-Indexing?

De-indexing is an SEO process that involves removing a website from the search engine's index but not from the page where it originates. This means that a website or a specific URL stops being seen in the SERPs of different search portals such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Why Is De-Indexed A Website In Google?

There are several reasons why a URL or web page was de-indexed in Google, including:

  • Duplicate content that means it is not original. It has already been previously published on another web page, which causes the Google search engine to understand that the information is duplicated.
  • Content is poor, does not meet the user's need for information, or is incomplete
  • When the web page or the URL has been canonicalized, this happens when Google automatically sees the page similar to another and directs it to that other place. This process can be verified with Google Search Console.
  • When the page has no traffic and few internal links, in this case Google does not consider it important.
  • When the URL in question throws a 400 error.
  • When the URL in question shows a 500 on the server
  • When the URL redirects the content with a 301 or 302 code
  • When the URL has the noindex norm.
  • When the URL has been included in the Search Console to be removed.

How Do I Deindex A Page In Google And WordPress?

There are several ways to de-index or delete content on Google, such as the following:

  • With the use of the Google Search Console tool, the user can “help measure the traffic and search performance of a site, solve problems and make the site shine in Google search results”.
  • Include a 410 error in the URL to tell Google to ignore that URL.
  • Changing the indexing norm with 'noindex' and so when the Google Bot passes the URL.

In the case of WordPress, this content management system has a built-in function to tell search engines not to index a site. To activate it, you have to enter the configuration tab, select "Reading" and check the Search option Engine Visibility.

Once this box is checked, these lines will be added to the website:

In the header:

1 & lt; meta name = robots content = noindex, follow / & gt;

In the robots.txt file

12User-agent: * Disallow: /

These lines work in most cases, however sometimes search engines ignore them, and some images or pages of a site can be indexed,

In Which Cases Is It Advisable To De-Index A Website Or URL?

There are some cases in which it is advisable to de-index a website or a specific URL of a site, and some may be:

• Websites under development: when a website is being created, and still has errors in its operation, it is advisable to de-index it so that it is not shown to the public.

• Restricted websites: this case applies when a website will be accessed only by invitation of the owner, and you do not want it to be visible in the SERPs.

• Test accounts: or duplicate websites that are created specifically to perform functional tests of a website.

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