Crawl Rate Limit

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is Crawl Rate Limit?

It is the number of simultaneous parallel connections that Googlebot can use to crawl a website, as well as the time it must wait between searches or requests. It can go up or down according to several factors.

How Do You Increase The Rate Of Crawling Of Your Website?

  • Update site content regularly. Sites that update their content are more likely to be crawled more frequently.
  • Server with good uptime: host pages on reliable servers that have good uptime. If a website is down for a long time, the crawlers will adjust their time accordingly, and it will be more difficult for the content to be indexed faster.
  • Creating and submitting sitemaps is one of the first actions to take so that your site is discovered more quickly by search engine bots.
  • Avoid duplicate content since search engines can easily grab duplicate content. They don't spend that time searching for new content within the site, plus the search engine banning the site or lowering its ranking.
  • Reduce site loading time since crawling works on a budget. If it takes too long to upload images, videos, or very large files, you will not have time to visit your website's full content.
  • Blocking access to unwanted pages through Robots.txt, such as administration pages, back-end folders, which are not indexed and, therefore, their tracking does not make any sense.
  • Monitor and optimize Google crawl rate using the Google search console. You just have to go to the crawl statistics and analyze them.
  • Using pinging services is a good way to show your site's presence and inform bots when content is updated on a site. There are many manual ping services such as Pingomatic; we also have that in WordPress, more ping services can be added manually to inform many search engine bots.
  • Building quality links will improve Google crawl rate and website indexing speed. It is also the most efficient way to rank better and generate more traffic.
  • Try to get more shares on social media as they help new content get indexed quickly.
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How To Tell Google How Often To Crawl A Website?

As far as it is understood, URLs are crawled at different speeds. While some pages can be crawled and indexed overnight, many websites, particularly start-ups or small sites, can wait months to be indexed. The most important factors influencing when and how often a website is crawled are its structure, popularity, and traceability.

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What Does a Crawl Budget Means For Googlebot?

The crawl speed limit is designed to help Google not crawl pages too much too fast where the server is harmed.

The crawl demand is how much Google wants to crawl your pages. This is based on how popular the pages are and how out-of-date the content is in the Google index.

The tracking budget is about "taking tracking frequency and tracking demand together." Google defines crawl budget as "the number of URLs that Googlebot can and wants to crawl.

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