Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is Blogging?

Blogs are online websites created by people where creators can share and create information, and write about different topics. “Blogging” is the action performed by the blog creators when they publish new information on it. This information can be about almost anything. The topics can range from cooking to fashion, health and news.

How to Start Blogging?

Creating a blog in today's digital age is intuitive, inexpensive, and doesn’t require a ton of time. However, you do need the patience to build an audience, time to see organic growth, and interest to continue learning as the internet continues to evolve. 

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How to Make Money Blogging?

Start blogging as an overall business with the point of making money, or maybe start a blog as a hobby and now wanting to take a step further and make an income from it, are both valid reasons. Still, it doesn’t really matter what the case is, there are many ways to take advantage of it and turn it in an income, here are a few of them:


This is the most used way; everyone has probably seen it in any blog (or page) they’ve visited. It consists of placing visual publicity on the page. This method can be divided in three ways:

1. Cost per click (CPC): this is placed in the content, and each time a visitor clicks on it: the blog owner gets paid.

2. Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM): customer gets paid due to how many users viewed the ad.

3. Private ads: this type of ad can come in the form of the above-mentioned, but the main difference is that the owner approaches the blogger directly, and he can set their own rates.

Affiliate Links

This is very common not only on blogs but on other platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. The dynamic is that the owner gives the blogger a customized link to be placed on the site, and each time a person buys their product through the link, the blogger gets a commission from it.

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Selling Products

Suppose the blog owner is not sure about advertising another company’s product. In that case they can advertise their own, if there is constancy on the blog and it creates a public that trusts it, this will be easier. Because the audience will feel more secure about buying a product from someone they feel they know. This item can go from digital things such as images, videos, or even apps, to whatever related to the content presented.

Sell Memberships

Sell memberships to exclusive content that is not provided in the regular blogging. The owner has to make sure that the content is interesting and cannot be find not only on your blog but on the general web. The blogger can provide early access to content that will be published, write about requested topics or even give advice to the readers.

Best Tactics for Blogging

A blogger always has a plan and an idea about the direction he wants his content and blog to go, but they also need a strategy to make this blogging journey successful. Here are some tips to take all the advantage possible from a blog:

Content Calendar

Making a routine for the blogging: setting days to publish specific topics, and sticking to them, will give the readers a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Quality over Quantity

It’s important to be constant while blogging, but if it is to decide quality is the one. No studies nor evidence say that more articles produce higher traffic.

Identify the Clients

A blogger can touch on any topic he/she wants, but identifying the public’s demography will make it easier to know in what perspective should approach this topic.

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