Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What is Bing?

Microsoft Bing, or simply Bing as it is also known,  is a search engine that is owned by Microsoft. The origins of this service are related to Microsoft's previous search engines, such as Live Search, MSN Search and Windows Live Search. It’s the second biggest search engine in the world next to Google.

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What Are The Features of The Bing Interface?

Interface features

  • A background or desktop image that varies or changes daily.
  • A video homepage for HTML5 browsers, in daily events similar to background images.
  • Navigation panel on the left, which includes on the results page, related and previous searches.
  • Extended preview on the right side that shows a larger view of the page, as well as the URL links.
  • Sublinks, for certain search results that show links to sections within the article.
  • Enhanced view in which information from third party sites can be viewed in BING.
  • On some sites, searches from within the website on the results page.
  • On some sites BING will show the customer service number on the results page.
  • Direct access from the homepage to MSN, Office Online and

Media features

  • Video preview.
  • Image search with result page with continuous scrolling.
  • Advanced query filters for searches.
  • Search for videos with adjustable size, font, duration and resolution settings.

Instant answers     

  • Translation
  • Dictionary
  • Track packages and shipments
  • Spelling check
  • Unit conversion
  • Advanced computations
  • Finance
  • Mathematical calculations
  • Sports
  • Flight tracking
  • Purchase of products
  • Bing Cashback
  • Health information.

Local info

  • Movies played in an area
  • Collections
  • Lists of people
  • Business listings
  • List of hotels
  • Localized search for coupons and offers
  • Current traffic information
  • Localized search and restaurant reviews

Integration with Windows 8

Windows 8.1 includes Bing's “smart Search” integration, it processes all searches and queries through the windows home screen.


Bing has a translator provided by Microsoft, which translates texts or complete pages into more than 70 different languages

Bing Predicts

Bing uses your search data to predict the outcomes of certain political or social events. .

What Can The Bing Search Engine Be Used For?

It is used to search for multiple topics such as: Events, Finance, Health, Images, Local, Maps, News, Recipe, Social, Translator, University, Videos, Weather.

Where is Bing most popular?

Various studies and research have shown that the majority of Bing users are generally over 35 years of age and mostly between 55 and 64 years of age.

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