Joran Hofman
February 28, 2021

What are Analytics?

Analytics are statistics that help us to see and understand everything related to the website's technical performance. To see a website's performance analytics there are many tools available online. One of the most commonly used tools is Google Analytics.

What is The Function of Web Analytics?

The use of web analytics provides important information on a website's performance and explains what to do with the information obtained. It is essential if a company wants to be successful with its website. Some of the the things you can do with website analytics includes:

  • Create, improve, and implement digital marketing strategies.
  • Know how customers think, what they want, and how they act.
  • Analyze conversions
  • Know the frequency and browsing time of customers.
  • Determine the location of web traffic
  • Establish when to display certain content of a web page.

What are Key Indicators Related Web Analytics?

To be successful when performing web analysis, we must know what indicators to focus on in order to measure the relevant information about our website. It is important to know which indicators to apply in each case because too much information can bring up confusion, and incorrect or misleading data, which can lead you to make poor business decisions regarding your website.

Some of these indicators include:

Why Are Web Analytics Important?

Every day the volume of online sales is increasing at a staggering pace. That is one of the many reasons why using web analytic tools is needed to measure traffic, display website content, advertise, and develop marketing strategies that improve the success of a product or service.