Ad Copy

Joran Hofman
April 3, 2021

What is Ad Copy?

In marketing, an ad copy is known to be a piece of content created to get a reaction from the reader. An ad copy’s purpose is to grab the users’ attention by showing the highlights and benefits of a service or product.

How is Ad Copy Used in Marketing?

An ad copy’s purpose is to increase the conversion rate of a website and its profits. 

Increasing the percentage of web traffic that converts to users is the best way to make a business more profitable, and ad copy accomplishes this by pointing out for users the key components and features of a product or service in a way they can relate to it.

Users will always have questions and doubts when deciding to buy or rent a product; this is why salespeople spend time answering these concerns; if customers are left with unanswered questions, they are less likely to buy the offered product, but in online selling, this interaction between salesperson and customer is rarely possible, so this is what ad copy works for

An ad copy is a sales letter that explains the benefits and features of the product and answers the possible questions a customer may ask.

Elements of Ad Copy

When writing effective ad copy, three main factors can not be missing:


The keywords are what a marketer wants his ad to be found for and what tells the user that this has relevance for him. A thing to have in mind is that the main ad’s keywords should be the closest possible to the beginning of the ad copy; this way is recognized by the user faster.


To make an ad copy stand out among many others offering similar products and services, it prioritizes and highlights the benefits that the product will give to the user over its features.

Call to Action (CTA)

To help the benefit make more sense to the user, the call to action should be between the first two lines of copy and right after it so it settles the interest created with the prior benefit statement.

Best Tactics for Ad Copy

Mirror the user's goal

When writing ads, it is important to think about what the possible customer wants to accomplish and have in second place what the marketer wants to sell; ads should be written in a way that appeals to the user’s desire.

Use emotional triggers

This tip is one of the strongest when writing ad copy because nothing sets people into action like a powerful emotional response. This same idea is what makes clickbait effective.

Improve the display URLs

Display URLs are used to contain the business’s keywords; by doing this, even if the keywords are not included in the destination URL, the ads can still appear in search pages.

Focus on the benefits

As a marketer, it is important to understand that to customers, the most important thing is what the product can offer to them and not the company itself. So that should be what the ad copy reflects.

Prioritize the best copy

The way search page results (SERPs) and ads display can change between different devices such as computers and smartphones.

In a mobile device, the content shown will be considerably more reduced, so the important part of the ad should be contained in the first two lines of the copy. This way, the marketer can make sure that users with different device preferences can get the information.

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