Above the fold content

Joran Hofman
December 11, 2020

What is Above the Fold Content?

“Above the Fold Content” is a term used by SEO specialists, designers, and marketers to refer to the first part they see of a website when they open it for the first time, without having scroll down. 

So,  the first thing that makes contact with the eyes of the person that opens a website, is referred to as “Above the Fold Content”.

What does Above the Fold Content look like?

Once you see above the fold content of a web page, the user will see logos, images, videos, texts, forms, etc., everything that their eyes can grasp immediately, without scrolling down. 

There are different designs for above the fold content. This will depend on the type of user you want to attract and the type of message that the product or service wants to make known.  

example on above and below the fold content of a website

What should be above the fold on a website?

When it comes to creating above the fold content, there are some essential elements that should be at the top of the list such as:

Company Logo

The logo that visually represents a brand, company, or institution should be the first thing visitors see when they land on a webpage, so it is recommended that it is highlighted in above the fold content.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is a very important tool on a website, because it helps visitors make decisions and invokes interest. It’s very important to make sure that users can easily navigate a website.

Value Proposition 

A value proposition is a promise that shows the website visitor how the product or service will be delivered, purchased, and enjoyed. So it’s important that it is one of the most visible elements in above the fold content.   

Call to Action

A call to action is one of the most important things that should be on a website, it is key to getting leads and encourages users to take the next step. 

Among the most common are demo requests, contact us buttons, learn more about us, buy now, and call us.

Visual Element(s)

Visual elements such as graphics, photos, videos, animations, or just an image of the product or service being offered, are essential in the above the fold content because this can help capture the attention of website visitors and keep them interested longer.

Best practices for designing Above the Fold Content

These practices must be taken into account when creating above the fold content.

Simple Design

Above the fold content should be simple, professional, organized, and easy to use so readers can find what they are looking for quickly.

Creating Engaging Content

Having engaging content is one of the most important elements to creating above the fold content. Engaging content can help make the product or service more appealing to the visitors and hold their attention to make them want to look for more information. 

When creating content for a web page or in this case for above the fold content, it is very important to think about the experience of the user, and it must be verified thoroughly that the content loads correctly and has no issues.

Solve challenges for the reader

The content above the fold should help users answer their questions. For Example, if an user searches the keyword ‘email’ and lands on the homepage, the content should contain the keyword ‘email’: in some form.

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