Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is running quick experiments to grow your businesses. To be able to do this quickly you need tools; lots of tools. See them here.

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What is growth hacking? 

There are tons of different ways to explain growth hacking, our explanation for it is: "Growth Hacking is a term for marketers which use rapid experimentation to test their efforts with always keeping the growth of the company as the biggest goal". 

What will you find on Wikipedia about the growth hacking definition: 

"The goal of any marketing should be long-term sustainable growth, not just a short-term gain. Growth hacking is about optimization as well as lead generation. Imagine your business is a bucket and your leads are water. You do not want to pour water into a leaky bucket; it is a waste of money. That is why a true growth hacker would care about customer retention." 

When you are looking into starting your own business and want to grow it as fast as possible, check out our blog on the Lean Startup method. It has some same principles where it is all about running quick experiments to test if something is working. Where Growth Hacking is more focussed on running marketing experiments, the Lean Startup method is focussed on the business side and validating your idea and testing your product. 

Why start with Growth Hacking?

When you are trying to grow your business with limited resources or as fast as possible, you will need to get creative. To get the most ROI out of your marketing spend, you will need to start small experiments and see what works right? That is what Growth Hacking is all about. 

You will start running experiments within every stage of the buying cycle which will help you to gain more awareness, create & convert more leads plus turn them into happy customers. All for the bigger goal, to grow your business. In Growth Hacking terms that would be 'Your North Star" metric. 

How to start with Growth Hacking?

It would be too easy to say; start running experiments. It does require a lot more than that. Again, it begins with the growth mindset and letting go of the traditional way of doing marketing. We have written a more extensive blog on how to get started with Growth Hacking

To already give you a short answer on the question; 

  • You start focusing on strategies related to growing the business and customer base. 
  • You come up with hypothesises and start testing them 
  • You come up with growth strategies and prioritize them 
  • You start analyzing and testing the above theories with the use of data
  • You run many experiments at once based to keep growing the business

Marketer vs Growth Hacker

The big difference between a traditional marketer and a Growth Hacker is that the growth Hacker works across various areas of a business. They own the entire funnel to maximize the growth of business with their experiments. Growth Hackers are often more generalists which means they know a bit about everything instead of something very specific very good as you can't know everything very well. Growth Hackers use a lot of tools which will help to set up their experiments quickly. 

Growth Mindset

When becoming a Growth Hacker, you need to get the Growth Mindset. Letting go of the traditional way of doing things and running quick experiments plus tracking everything is considered the most significant part of creating your growth mindset. It is easy to keep your traditional way of doing things. Want to get started with Growth Hacking and see more about the growth mindset? Check out this blog.

For inspiration, we have done our growth hacking experiment with the Instagram account of our dog. Within six months, we got more than 50k followers, see here the step by step plan how we grew our account to 50k followers. 

Growth Hacking Tools for Social Media

Often when people think of growth hacking, they think of spammy people who start messaging you or following in social media. When you set up your growth hacking experiment right for social media, it will not look like spam. Automating your social media is something which works very well for many businesses, you can consider the tool being your virtual assistant within Social Media. See below some automation tools you can use on the different social media channels. Always remember, using an automation tool on social media can be in violence with their terms and conditions. 

Best Linkedin Automation tools

When automating your Linkedin outreach, you can start generating leads on auto-pilot. Make sure you have defined your ideal customer profile properly and can find them via the search criteria on Linkedin. If you can't get it done via the free version from Linkedin, get Sales Navigator. This way, you can target the right people in a personalized way; within weeks, you will know if this will get you the desired ROI. All the Linkedin automation tools work with a chrome extension; this way, you can start the automation from your chrome browser. 

Best Instagram Automation tools

There are a lot of different Instagram automation on the market which offer the same capabilities. You can start automating things like; follow/unfollow, liking of a picture, placing comments, sending messages and a lot more. Choosing a tool begins with determining what you exactly want to automate to achieve your goal. Always keep in mind your ICP to know if they will appreciate what you are doing. 

Best Twitter automation tools

We don't have received any good twitter automation tools. If you know any (out of own experience) send us a message

Growth Hacking Chrome Extensions

A lot of growth hacking tools are Chrome Extensions which you can find in the chrome store. If you don't know; Chrome is a browser which gained a lot of popularity due to the ability to have these extensions. 

Being a growth hacker is almost equal to using a lot of chrome extensions. We haven't listed them all separate as they often change quickly plus don't always have that much information available. Always make sure when installing a chrome extension, you comply with the GDPR rules & check out their privacy notice.

Growth Hacking Courses

Want to start educating yourself on Growth Hacking and the growth mindset you will need to be successful? See here some of the Growth Hacking courses we have found and are getting good ratings.

See here our blog on how to get started with Growth Hacking.

Do you know any other Growth Hacking tools or courses? Let us know!

When starting with Growth Hacking, you also want to check out the glossary with all the marketing terms. It will help you to increase your knowledge of all the terms you will see when you start running marketing experiments. 


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