Within Marketing & Sales there a lot of terms you probably never heard of. We have created different glossaries to help you get started.

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Marketing & Sales glossaries

When you start working in marketing or sales, you will find yourself in an industry full of complicated terminology and acronyms. We have created some glossaries for you where you can quickly pick up on the jargon and buzzwords so you won’t be left behind. 

The glossaries will cover all the terms and definitions regarding digital marketing or sales. See here some examples of terms you will hear within Digital Marketing: 

  • SEO 
  • KPI 
  • MQL
  • SQL 
  • Bounce 

Marketers use a lot of acronyms, getting to know them quickly and genuinely understanding them will kick start your career. At the moment, we offer the following glossaries: 

When you are active within digital marketing you will hear a lot of marketing terms, probably a lot you have never heard of. It isn’t something to worry about, as terms come and go and you will always have to keep learning new ones. 

The Definition of Marketing is: “The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large” (wikipedia). As you can see, it is a comprehensive way of explaining what marketing is, which makes sense as a lot has changed with the digital marketing era. 

The meaning of SEO is “Search Engine Optimization”, and in our opinion, every marketer has to know something about this. The end goal of SEO is to show up high in the Search Engines on the keywords you want to be found on. To achieve this, you will have to write content based on those keywords to get ranked. A great way to start with SEO is to start doing keyword research

In the SEO glossary, you will find all the SEO terms, which will be essential to get started to learn more about SEO. If you want to learn more about how & why see our blog as you will find a lot of SEO related blogs articles on it. 

Affiliate Marketing is possible due to digital marketing; it now offers excellent tools to earn money by promoting someone else his product. With the new marketing tools, you can track everything which allows you always to determine your Return On Investment (ROI).

Getting to know all the marketing & sales terms is one after it will be time to start using them or learning more about them. Within our Education section, you will find (free) marketing and sales courses which can help you to make the next steps. 


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