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Email tools

Email marketing is a great way to drive traffic, sales, exposure and a lot more. Using the right tools you can easily create, send, optimize and report on your email campaigns. One of the key elements of sending email campaigns is that they don't bounce or end up in the spam folder. See on this page all the best B2B email marketing tools which will help you get the most out your campaigns.

Email outreach

Email outreach has always been a good way to start generating revenue for your business. With the email tools available life just became it a bit easier. You now have tools for all of the following (or sometimes they are even combined already):

  • Validate email addresses
  • Finding interesting prospects to email
  • Avoid ending up in the spam inbox
  • Run automated email sequences
  • Increasing conversion of cold email outreach

Always make sure that you will comply with the regulations in your location, cold email outreach in bulk is not allowed everywhere anymore.

See our blog for more information on; marketing automation or how to write a B2B marketing campaign.


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