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The best free and paid Marketing & Sales courses

Keeping yourself trained as a B2B marketer is crucial. New marketing technologies, tools and techniques are coming out every day which requires you to keep learning and testing out new things all the time. Training yourself in marketing doesn't have to be expensive, a lot of software companies offer free training courses which go beyond their software. So either if you want to learn about SEO, marketing automation, Customer Success, sales or anything else; you should be able to find a free course first. Here you will also find a list of marketers and salespeople which you can follow on social, this way you will always get the latest news about new marketing or sales technologies.

Free Marketing Courses

Training yourself doesn't have to be expensive. A lot of software vendors offer a free academy you can follow and complete, off course their own software will be embedded in it but you will get a lot of valuable for free. See here the best marketing courses we have found so far from software vendors:

See them all listed here with more information.

Free SEO Courses

Want to learn everything about SEO without paying anything? It is possible. There are a lot of SEO courses online which will help you to get educated and stay on top of the game. Here are the 3 best rated SEO courses:

See all SEO courses here.

Or see the Best SEO tools here

Customer Success Courses

We don't have any customer success courses to list yet.

Marketing Events

Want to get knowledge up by visiting live presentations, or want to meet likeminded professionals? Going to events is the best way to do so.

See here the best marketing events for 2020


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