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Start making data driven choices

The goal of any business analytics tools is to analyse your data and extract actionable and commercially relevant information. The information will be used to increase results or the growth of your company. Data Analytics is widely used in commercial industries to enable organisations to make data-driven business decisions. With the data and analytics tools from now, you can easily do the same, even without the need of a developer or data scientist.

What are the essential Analytics tools?

Which tools should every business have? We still come across companies which have no idea what they need to do when they start a business or open up a website/webshop. If you want the very bare minimum, we recommend to have the following two tools in place;

What are good dashboarding tools?

With using a data dashboard you are able to visually track, analyze and display any data you find important. This could be revenue, churn, clients, or any other key perfomance indicators (KPI) you have. In the old days you had to build everything in Excel and create your own charts, graphs and formulas. With the tools available today this can be fully automated plus with the power of AI & it can start making predictions for you. The software tools here are very different from each other, some are free and some can become expensive. It is good to know before, what do you want to achieve and keep tracking? These are the dashboarding tools which we recommend, in order of 'experience' you will need;

Other Data / Analytics tools

See here some other tools listed which will can give you a lot of (new) insights into your data or gather more data for you. All tools are again listed to help you optimize and grow your business;

  • Hotjar; behaviour analytics on your app or site

Do you know any other good Data or Analytics tools? Let us know!


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