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Top Unbounce Alternatives and Competitors to Consider

November 12, 2020
Lead Generation

Are you in search of alternatives to Unbounce?

It’s no question that the use of landing page builders has increased in recent years and so have the amount of providers on the web. In this post we have put together a list Unbounce alternatives and competitors to help you grow your marketing and sales.

We will compare how these providers stack up to Unbounce, some of their features and functionalities and which ones may be the best fit for your type of business. Some of the most popular alternatives include, InstaPage, Clickfunnels, LeadPages, Mailchimp and many more. 

Let’s dive right in. 


Increase your website conversions with Instapage

Instapage Features

Instagepage is a long time provider for helping people build amazing landing pages. In recent years they have expanded their product suite and offer more solutions for e-commerce, paid advertising and lead generations. 

Some of their landing page features include:

  • Creating landing pages
  • Building forms
  • Personalisation (includes ad tracking capabilities) 
  • Hundreds of integrations
  • Account management
  • Top of the line performance and data security

They also feature webinars and a massive resource library to help you build the perfect landing page.

Instapage Pricing

Instapage pricing

Their pricing starts off pretty high at $149/month and tends to be geared towards small to mid-sized business. You do however get a ton of functionalities for the steep price tag.

Instapage vs. Unbounce

Unbounce features more functionalities specifically for marketers than Instapage. They also service more industries and have more features for email marketing than Instapage. However, Instapage has more flexibility when it comes to creating a fully custom landing page. 

Unbounce does have cheaper pricing tiers and can accommodate different levels of businesses while Instapage tends to be more expensive. It simply depends on your business goals. 


screenshot of the hompeage of clickfunnels, a tool where you can increase your website conversion

ClickFunnels Features

Clickfunnels is perhaps one of the most popular landing page and funnel building software available online. They are specifically known for their ability to help marketers create amazing funnels which maximize your ability to convert traffic into paying customers. 

They tend to be more geared towards experienced marketers who have a strong understanding of marketing concepts, copyrighting and lead conversion. You have the ability to create custom sales funnels based on the industry or niche in which you operate, but they will feature a learning curve if you don’t have marketing and advertising experience. 

Clickfunnels also features a ton of integrations to many other software vendors to allow you to create a fully automated marketing campaign.

ClickFunnels Pricing

clickfunnels features and pricing

Their pricing for their lowest level is pretty reasonable considering the scale of funnel building you get.

ClickFunnels vs. Unbounce

If you have an online store, digital product and want to optimize your sales conversions Clickfunnels is a great option to consider. Simply put, if you are looking to build a sales, marketing or lead funnel, Clickfunnels is the ultimate choice. 

With Unbounce you can still build a funnel, but it requires more steps and it simply isn’t built specifically for funnels.


screenshot of the leadpages homepage, a tool which helps you to increase website conversion

LeadPages Features

Leadpages has been around for quite a long time and is one of the most well known lead page builders online. They have hundreds of pre-created templates for you to use and customize to fit whatever it is that you are trying to build. 

Some of their main features include:

  • Conversion optimized leadpages (full conversion toolkit)
  • Online payments and integration tools
  • Email integrations
  • Full scale website builder
  • Unlimited A/B split testing
  • Free hosting

These are just a few of the many features available through LeadPages.

Click here to see their full list of features.

LeadPages Pricing

Leadpages pricing tables from the website

One of the great features of LeadPages is their affordability. They are great for small to mid scale business and their platform is extremely intuitive to use and learn. Their pricing is probably one of the lowest in the industry and is jam packed with plenty of value. 

LeadPages vs. Unbounce

LeadPages is extremely similar to Unbounce in terms of functionality and creativity. Where LeadPages wins in our opinion is in it’s price. Everything that you can do in Unbounce, you can accomplish with LeadPages at a fraction of the price.

They have more templates than Unbounce and give you very cost effective ways of hosting and running your website. Unbounce does however have a slight better UI for building your own templates in our opinion, but they are extremely comparable. 


Mailchimp screenshot of the homepage, a marketing email tool and website builder

MailChimp Features

Mailchimp is known by many marketers and entrepreneurs for being the leader in email marketing. They have evolved from a simple email marketing provider and have powerful features which allow you to do a heck of a lot more than just email marketing. Some of their features include:

  • Full scale marketing CRM
  • Sign up forms
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Full scale content creation studio
  • Marketing campaign templates
  • Marketing automation tools
  • 100+ integrations
  • Reporting Analytics
  • A/B Testing capabilities
  • Massive training library

These are some of the many different features offered inside Mailchimp and it can be extremely powerful in helping you not only build landing pages, but manage the majority of your marketing needs.

MailChimp Pricing

Mailchimp pricing screenshot from their pricing page

Mailchimp is one of the only Unbounce alternatives which has a version you can use for absolutely free. Their pricing is one of the lowest and most competitive out on the marketplace. 

You get a ton of value for the low price and is perfect for small to mid scale business who are just getting up and running.

MailChimp vs. Unbounce

Unbounce has more features when it comes to their landing pages, but Mailchimp does beat them when it comes to their email marketing capability. Not to mention their base package is one tenth of the cost of Unbounce. 

Mailchimp is one of the leading marketing and email providers and has simply been around for much longer than Unbounce.

Rock Content

Rock Content Features

Rock Content is another software vendor which has a ton of different products and services which are geared towards digital marketers. They feature four different products and they are:

  • Visually - allows you to create like infographics, videos, presentation and reports, illustrations, writing and design and much more.
  • Ion - gives you the ability to create custom web pages, lead pages and much more.
  • Live- allows you to tap into live reporting for ad monetization, sports coverage, storytelling boards, scoreboards and much more.
  • Stage - Allows you to create and host your website content and fully manage every aspect of your website through Wordpress.

Their suite of products are great for all levels of business and allow you to truly handle everything you need online. 

Rock Content Pricing

Rock Content pricing compared to Unbounce

Their pricing is completely reasonable and allows you to handle any of your web design leads directly through Wordpress.

Rock Content vs. Unbounce

Rock Content is a bit different than Unbounce for the simple fact that they use Wordpress for building the majority of their website related pages, forms and designs. 

So you will need some Wordpress knowledge if you decide to use them. Unbounce has their own lead page builder which can be easier to use if you are just starting out.  Rock Contents four different product packages all have separate pricing so the costs can run up quite a bit compared to other providers.


screenshot of the optimizely homepage, a tool where you can run quick experiments on your website

Optimizely Features

Optimizely is geared more towards enterprise level teams who deploy full scale websites and apps. It is used by teams for A/B split testing, marketing optimization, and increasing the ROI on advertising through careful tracking and reporting metrics. They support industries such as :

  • Media
  • Travel
  • Retail
  • High-Tech
  • Financial Services

They are a great solution if you have a large company full of many different groups of teams who need a consistent and reliable way to track and optimize marketing and advertising campaigns. 

Optimizely Pricing

Optimizely pricing isn't available online, this is what the site says

Their pricing is on the higher end and you will need to talk to a representative to see what your needs are before a price is discussed. They are not meant for the small scale marketer.

Optimizely vs. Unbounce

There are clear differences between the two and it’s obvious that Optimizely is a much more expensive and involved solution for large scale enterprise businesses. Unbounce is less expensive and can help solve your needs if you have a small to mid-sized business.


getresponse screenshot, a tool which covers a lot of aspects of your marketing strategy

GetResponse Features

GetResponse is one of the most popular email marketing and landing page builders out on the marketplace. They have also been around for quite some time and have evolved their product suite. The feature solution such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Landing page builders
  • Marketing automation
  • Conversion funnels

Their suite of tools are extremely intuitive and easy to use and are personalized specifically for entrepreneurs, online marketers, marketing managers, and even large companies. They also feature a ton of different integrations so you have nothing to worry about. 

GetResponse Pricing

Getresponse pricing, sreenshot from the website

GetResponse has very affordable pricing options for all levels of entrepreneurs and they even have options for larger scale companies. They are very competitive in the marketplace and are pretty hard to beat on all fronts.

GetResponse vs. Unbounce

You can’t go wrong with either option. GetResponse has been around for much longer as a marketing technology provider and they originally began with specializing in email marketing but has since evolved their product suite and it’s pretty difficult to beat their pricing structure.

However, Unbounce does have the upper hand on them when it comes to the customization ability of landing pages. It just depends on what specific marketing function you need the most for your business and what you are willing to pay for it. 

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