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If TikTok disappeared tomorrow, would your marketing strategy suffer?

August 1, 2021
Social Media

Much of the discussion about TikTok is centered around it possibly being banned by governments throughout the world. Understanding what alternatives to TikTok are available is important in case the app is ever widely banned across the globe. In order to diversify your marketing strategy, we’ve explored a few options to supplement or potentially replace TikTok in the future.  

While TikTok has maintained its status as the latest social media platform that appears to be here to stay, as a social media marketer it’s good to always keep your eye on the horizon. Having a prominent account on what could be the next big thing is a smart idea because it could potentially give you a heads start when growing a new account. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of six TikTok alternatives for growing your following in 2021.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are our first alternative to TikTok because it’s probably the easiest option to start using. This function of the Instagram app, called Reels, is basically the same concept as TikTok but instead it’s a feature inside the Instagram app. Instagram Reels are separate from the posts you see on an account’s main grid or in their stories. 

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The videos appear in the same size and format as TikTok videos, are housed on your Reels grid, and there are similar options for adding audio. Reels also show up in the discover page among other posts, similar to TikTok’s discover page.


The pros of using Instagram Reels as an alternative to TikTok is that Instagram already has a large user base, the in-app editing tools are easy to use, and the barrier to entry is low because you most likely already have an Instagram account.


The main con of using Instagram Reels is that many users aren’t aware of this new feature or where to find it. Reels are located in a separate tab on people’s profiles, which sometimes means unaware users don’t know the feature is there. But, it’s something that people can easily direct their followers to until they fully understand it. 


While Snapchat has been around for more than ten years, it’s still a viable TikTok alternative with a large number of users. Even though it’s had its ups and downs over the years, it’s managed to evolve and maintain a large user base.


The app differs from TikTok in its functionality, but it still offers creators and marketers an opportunity to showcase their content, reach a wide audience, and expand their following. They allow videos up to 60 seconds long that disappear afterwards. You can also send direct messages which provides you another way to interact and form a connection with your audience.


When comparing Snapchat to TikTok, the fact that the videos disappear can be a negative to some users. However, the major upside to Snapchat is that it’s been around longer than TikTok and already has a large, established following. The videos appear in the same size as TikTok videos, so your pre-existing TikTok content can be easily transferred to Snapchat. 


Byte offers its users looping videos, a feed full of accounts they follow, and a feed of recommended videos to explore. Unlike TikTok’s 60-second video allowance, Byte’s video limit is only 15 seconds. 

Depending on how you view it, this can be a pro or a con. It forces all of the content to be quick and easily digestible, meaning creators need to become more innovative than ever. We have our eye on Byte because it comes from the same creators of the once-exciting app, Vine. With experience in the industry and more specifically making a viral video app, we expect this app to be a big competitor in the space. 


Likee has a wide selection of filters, allows you to compile several clips into one video, and also has a wide variety of other editing tools. They offer their users a large library of music and effects to layer over their videos.


We love that the app allows you to easily share your videos on all of your other social media platforms, whereas TikTok notoriously requires separate apps in order to be able to download your videos without a watermark and share them to other platforms. 

Likee is a great TikTok alternative for growing your following in 2021 that mirrors the features they offer. A lot of your pre-existing content that currently lives on TikTok would be easily transferable to the Likee app.


The main downfall to this app is that its audience isn’t as large as the audience on TikTok. While the number of users they have isn’t as large as what TikTok has, they still have a relatively large audience on a strikingly similar app. Likee is a great TikTok alternative that it’s own app, unlike Instagram Reels or Snapchat. 


When you think of Cheez, think of videos that make you smile, or make you “cheese.” Cheez has similar features and capabilities to TikTok, but it’s more popular among creators centered around fashion, vlogging, and comedy.


The app allows you to earn rewards for watching and commenting on other people’s videos in addition to receiving views on your own videos. They sort the content in the app based on challenges, content topics, and battles between users.


The app has the basic video editing tools you need as well as the fun aspects like effects, filters, and stickers. It’s not as intuitive as TikTok, and it doesn’t offer any unique features that TikTok doesn’t have, but it’s a viable alternative. 


The primary focus of Dubsmash is on high-energy lip sync videos. Like TikTok, they have a large library of music clips to dance and sing to.


We like that they also have a feed for suggested videos and a feed for accounts you follow. You can easily save your videos to your camera roll in order to post them on your other social media accounts.


One of the main points of difference for Dubsmash is that it only allows 10-second videos. This is the shortest time allotment on our list of TikTok alternatives for growing your following. This is a challenge that forces marketers to be creative in how they promote the brand overall and create awareness of their messaging. 


Pre-existing social media powerhouses Instagram and Snapchat are great alternatives to TikTok that most people are likely already using. Byte is a short form option, with its looping videos coming in at only 15-seconds long. We’re intrigued to use this app as an alternative to TikTok because it comes from the same creators of the viral video app, Vine. Another option that has its own separate app is Likee. 

Similar to TikTok, Likee has a large library of music, effects, and editing tools to create and edit your videos with. We see this as a viable alternative to TikTok, with its main drawback simply being that its audience isn’t as big as the one TikTok has. 

Cheez is another TikTok alternative for growing your following, and it primarily draws in creators centered around vlogging, fashion, and comedy. It’s not as unique or intuitive as the TikTok app, but we like how it sorts the content based on challenges and different topics. Dubsmash is the alternative to TikTok with the shortest video allotment, coming in at 10-seconds long. The app’s content is centered around high-energy lip sync videos, with a large musical selection to choose from. 

Each option on our list of six TikTok alternatives offers their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the apps were new, standalone options, while others were new options within well-established apps. No matter which alternative grabs your attention, it’s a good idea to be aware of the options that are out there. 

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