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The Best Snapchat Saver Apps To Save Photos/Videos/ Stories

November 3, 2021
Social Media

Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps on the planet. It’s an app that lets you share messages, photos and videos with friends which quickly disappear after you have viewed them. This is one of the distinct features of the app and what makes it unique to other social apps. 

But what if you want to view a photo, message or video again? 

Not to worry, there are third party apps that can help you do this. Below are the best Snapchat apps to save and download snaps that you have received and already viewed. Let’s dive right in.


MirrorGo is an Android recorder app designed specifically for Android users. It allows users to mirror their own devices on computer screens or projectors wirelessly. It will even allow you to mirror games and videos. This Snapchat saver also allows you to record your devices’ screen and has a screenshot feature if you want to save a specific snap. 


  • Intuitive interface for easy use
  • Extremely secure application
  • Works quickly and easily
  • Save snaps directly to the cloud if needed


  • Only available for Android devices
  • This is a paid app and the free version is limited
  • 3 minute free trial for recording functionality 

Download Here


Snapsave is one of the oldest Snapchat saver apps to help you save pictures and stories. It gives you a very quick and easy way to save pictures and videos without getting any sort of distraction or notification. 


  • Basic and easy to use interface
  • No third party ads
  • Works well on both IOS and Android


  • This is a third party paid application
  • Doesn’t include Snapchat authorization
  • The app and interface are a little outdated 


Snapcrack is another popular Snapchat saver app and helps you to save stories and snaps with a single click. A cool feature with Snapcrack is that it allows you to send your snaps to your friends once you have saved them. 


  • The app allows you to save snaps anonymously 
  • The app is 100% free to use
  • Supports both Android and IOS users


  • The app does not require any Snapchat authorization
  • The app can be a little slow 
  • No in purchases required


SaveMySnaps is another Snapchat saver app that is specifically for Android users. It allows you to save and share Snapchats with friends and family. The cool thing about this app is that it provides you with features that aren’t available through Snapchat. When you go to view or save a snap, the person who sent you the snap will not know until you confirm with SaveMySnaps to save or download the snap. All in all, this app provides more functionality and features than all the other Snapchat saver apps. 


  • Add captions to your snaps
  • Draw on your snaps
  • Remove ads by In-App purchases
  • Send snaps from your gallery
  • Share snaps through you social networks, emails or other sharing applications
  • Autosave snaps when you have viewed them


  • There are ads if you don’t have the paid version
  • It might prevent your camera flash from working
  • Notifications are not instant

SnapBox Saver

Snapbox saver is another old Snapchat saver app. It works with both Android and IOS devices. You can save snaps and stories directly to your phone with a tap. This app works by saving snaps to your devices memory and you will have to temporarily sign out of Snapchat to get it set up to use. 


  • Works with both Android and IOS devices
  • 100% free to use
  • Snapchats are saved directly to your phone's memory 


  • The interface can lag quite a bit due to the application being a bit outdated 
  • No Snapchat authentication 


Now that you know it’s possible to save Snapchat stories, videos and photos you can save them and share them with friends or revisit cool memories. Before you decide to download an app, consider what you plan on doing with the app and some of the pros and cons of each Snapchat saver app. 

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