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Sites Like Fiverr For Freelancers To Help You Grow In 2021

July 17, 2021

If you have ever used Fiverr as a consumer or Freelancer you know how much value and opportunity the website can provide. As a freelancer it's important to diversify your work and look to other platforms for clients and work, so you aren't reliant on a single platform. 

In this post we will check out sites like Fiverr for freelancers that can help you get more clients and stay busy all year round.


find freelancers easily with upwork.

If you've been a part time or full time freelancer, chances are that you have heard of Upwork. Upwork is perhaps one of the largest freelance marketplaces online and they offer freelancers a ton of opportunity to network and get work. As a business owner or someone looking to get work done, you sign up, post a project and set your budget. 

From there,  hungry freelancers will submit proposals to your project. As a client, Upwork can be a great platform to get a project done on time and on budget. But, as a freelancer it can be challenging but still full of opportunity. Below are some of the pros and cons of the platform.

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Pros of Upwork

  • There is a wide range of gigs and a massive amount of work available.
  • You can build long term client relationships
  • Easy to get started as freelancer
  • Upwork has great search options to find focused work

Cons of Upwork

  • Upwork can take 10%- 20% cut from your earnings
  • Getting work is time intensive process
  • You have to constantly submit offers to get work
  • Hard to scale beyond a certain point


Guru allows you to find any type of freelancer with ease

Guru has a similar framework to Upwork and can also help you find work as a freelancer. You can search for jobs and gigs for free and it has quickly become a favorite alternative to Fiverr for freelancers.

Pros of Guru

  • Useful for smaller scale companies with a small staff of people
  • They have agreements in place between freelancers and companies
  • Very intuitive website and freelancer portal
  • Great for freelancers who are just getting started 

Cons of Guru

  • The pay can be quite low compared to other platforms
  • Can take a while for you to land a job
  • Plenty of low quality gigs


Toptal is quite different from any of the other freelancing platforms due to the fact that they only accept less than 3% of all freelance applicants. This is due to their long screening process for freelance applicants and due to the fact that they work primarily with large scale companies in order to match them to top freelancers for projects and work.

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Some of the best and biggest companies like Netflix, AirBnB, Zendesk and HP use Toptal to outsource work to talented freelancers. For this reason, Toptal accepts only the best and most skilled freelancers onto their platform. If you're a highly skilled freelancer, this is the spot to be in order to earn top income.

You will be paid much more than any other platform if you can get accepted.

Pros of Toptal

  • Top tier platform
  • Screening process weans out low skilled freelancers
  • High quality and top paying clients
  • Work is much steadier and there are endless opportunities if accepted
  • Low paying jobs are easily eliminated 

Cons of Toptal

  • Very difficult to get accepted into
  • Long term process to get onboarded as a freelancer 


hire freelancers for your startup via Truelancer

Truelancer is another freelancing platform  that is very similar to Upwork. You can find thousands of job postings in categories such as digital marketing, SEO, finance, accounting, programming/IT, writing and so much more. As a freelancer it's a decent alternative to getting more work, but it tends to be from low quality clients who are looking to simply save money.

Pros of Truelancer

  • Wide range of different jobs are available
  • Ability to filter jobs by cities closest to you
  • Easier to get jobs awarded in certain niches when compared to other platforms

Cons of Truelancer

  • As a freelancer you have to pay a service fee of 10% of all your work
  • Long times to get paid once you finish a project
  • Projects contests can get people free work and are often very low paid
  • Overall low quality of jobs


Make your business idea happen by hiring the right people

PeoplePerHour is slightly different to other freelancing platforms because they have a more official freelancer screening process. Their process isn't as rigorous as Toptal and this is good for freelancers that are looking to take their work seriously and on a full time basis.

The more qualified you are for the skill set that you bring to PeoplePerHour the higher rate you can charge, and the great part is that the client base on PeoplePerHour can be quite good depending on the niche you choose to focus on. The platform is more geared towards graphic designers, marketers and content creators.

Pros of PeoplePerHour

  • Intuitive platform to quickly help you find targeted jobs in your niche
  • Great for higher skilled freelancers who have experience working on other freelance platforms
  • Paid on an hourly basis which you set and not a project basis like standard platforms

Cons of PeoplePerHour

  • Most of the available work is in select niches such as graphic design and content creation
  • Can be difficult to get gigs if you are just getting started as a freelancer


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If you don’t like surfing for freelance work, SolidGigs might be a great choice for you. SolidGigs works by sending you daily alerts of the highest quality jobs that are available on its site. The great thing is that the jobs on SolidGigs are screened by SolidGigs staff so there’s a higher chance for work getting awarded to freelancers.

They offer extensive training to improve your freelancing skills so you can get more billable hours instead of wasting your time sending proposals to clients.

Pros of SolidGigs

  • Their alerting system will save you a lot of time sifting through jobs and only match you with jobs that you are interested in and qualified to do.
  • SolidGigs also focuses on freelancer education and helps you to improve your skill set so you can get more work and earn more money.

Cons of SolidGigs

  • To join the SolidGigs platform you will have to pay a fee of $19/month. 
  • Can take some time to get your first freelancing gig if you are very picky.
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