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Top Sales Lead Generation Companies in 2021

August 8, 2021
Lead Generation

One of the most important factors to having and keeping a successful business is a steady flow of sales leads coming into your pipeline. Sales leads are extremely important for companies who want to grow and build a consistent and successful business. 

In this article we will look at some of the top sales lead generation companies who can help you find qualified leads and scale your business.

But first let’s first clarify what sales lead generation companies are what they do in order to help businesses.

What are Sales Lead Generation Companies?

Sales lead generation companies are companies and businesses who focus on providing leads and appointments for other businesses in certain industries in order to help them get more customers and generate more revenue.

There are many of them out there and some of them have different functions and offer different types of services to businesses. Some of these include:

  • Appointment setting
  • List Building
  • Managed Outreach
  • Relationship Building
  • Sales pipeline generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Client database management
  • CRM integration services
  • Creating lead funnels

These are just a few of the many services that are offered by sales lead generation companies. It’s important to know which one could benefit your business if you are looking to grow your new business or scale your existing operation to new heights.

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Let’s take a look at some of the top sales lead generation companies out on the marketplace.


get help with lead generation by belkins

Belkins was founded in 2017 by Michael Maximoff and Vladislav Podolyako. The company focuses on providing different types of solutions for business such as appointment setting, lead research, email deliverability services, and a Linkedin influencer program. 

If your business requires direct leads and appointments, Belkins is a great resource to try out. They can help scale your current business and provide a steady flow of leads and appointments that can empower your business.


Outbound View is another B2B lead generation company, but they are slightly different than other companies. They focus on bringing customers with high buyer intent directly to your product or service. 

Their core services are broken down into the following:

  • Launch
  • Scale
  • Data Intent
  • Buyer Movement
  • Data Teams
  • EventPro

All these different services can help you launch your product or services, find the right customers who have high purchasing intent, build the right advertising campaign and also track all of your data across different mediums. 

They are great for new companies or companies looking to scale their current operations and sales.



Callbox is a full-scale state of the art outsourced lead management solution. They can help you get your marketing running at full scale and also leverage HubSpot to help you nurture your leads and convert them into customers. 

They service industries such as IT, Software Products, Telecommunications, Medical and Healthcare, Marketing and Advertising and so much more. One of the great components to using Callbox is the fact that they can help you find targeted leads, set appointments with them, and help you nurture the relationship directly through HubSpot. 

Checkout their full list of service offerings here >>> CallBox

Cience Technologies


Cience Technologies is another B2B lead generation service which focuses on bringing your business targeted clients by conducting careful sales research. They begin by creating a custom client profile to find your ideal customer. 

From there they formulate a campaign strategy to help you find customers who fit your criteria and from there they focus on scaling their methods to help you capture more clients. Their cutting-edge technology helps to find multiple sources for customers. 

They feature an ROI calculator which can help you get an idea of the costs associated with building out an SDR team internally vs using their services.  

Lead Generators International


Lead Generations International has been around since 1992 and specializes in B2B cold calling to help you generate high quality leads for your business and set appointments with buyers who are actively looking for the services your business provides. 

Their core business revolves around setting high quality appointments for your business. They offer other business-related solutions such as:

  • Database Updating
  • Telephone lead generation
  • Telephone surveys
  • Appointment setting
  • Event Tele boosting

They are an excellent resource to use for lead generation if you want to preserve your operating capital to take your business to the next level. 


Leadroot is meant to function as an extension of your current sales team. Their focus is lead research and list building. They help your sales team spend more time closing deals rather than chasing them. They help you find verified contact lists, conduct outreach like a pro and work with a dedicated account manager to help you drive results.

They also have CRM integrations to help you plug your technology pipeline in and effectively follow up with your leads. They have very reasonable pricing schedules to help even the smallest companies to ones with larger scale. 


SalesRoads is another powerful sales lead generation company with a focus on helping you create a streamlined sales pipeline with high quality leads. They focus on building a sales strategy that will compliment your business and construct the necessary sales funnel and pipeline in order to get an active flow of leads inside your pipeline. 

They specialize primarily in appointment setting and advanced lead generation services which phone-screen verified leads and send them over to you. They are a premier sales lead generation service and can bring you accelerated results.

As such, they charge a premium and utilize state of the art SQL lists to help you build a large calling lists inside your sales pipeline.  

How to generate your own leads

Outsourcing could be a good idea for a lot of companies, however sometimes you want to generate your own leads and do the follow ups yourself. On our site we have listed the best lead generation tools which will help you get started. To even help you make a quick start, see here our favourites;

  • Leadfeeder; see which company is visiting your website.
  • Growth Hacking Suite; everything you need to grow your business in one tool
  • Prospect.io; identify & approach the right prospects with targeted emails.
  • Vainu; build a prospect easily with the use of the right data
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