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How to monetize your website/YouTube/social media?

November 20, 2021
Social Media

In the present era, doing a business online is everyone’s priority compared to doing any job or building a physical venture. As a result, the youth is turning their ways towards making a website, youtube channel, and becoming influencers on social media. 

So, to keep up with the current trends, everyone must know some basic facts about monetizing online marketing platforms. 

We have done comprehensive research and listed down some of the most effective ways of monetization that any beginner can understand easily and make a good source of income. 

Whether you choose a website, youtube channel, or social media, we have got you covered. Read this article till the end to find the perfect way to make money online.

Here are the best tips on how to monetize your website/ YouTube/ social media:


A website is a collection of interlinked and publicly accessible web pages that share a single domain name. 

Websites can be run by individuals, organizations, or groups that serve varied purposes.  

You can monetize your website in the following ways:

Affiliation is a boon in the marketing world. You can promote other products on your website and earn an easy commission. The only thing you need to do is turn your visitor into a customer. 

You can join affiliate programs of the brand you like to promote and get affiliate links from them. Then, share those affiliate links on your website and earn the commission whenever a visitor makes the purchase. 

Most importantly, join affiliate programs that offer good money or, so to say, good commission.  

For example, check out this web hosting affiliate program that offers a commission of up to $200 per sale.  

Pro tip: Check out Reditus if you are looking for recurring commissions.
  • Sponsor a product  

Another way to can monetize your website is by sponsoring a product. First, you need to write amazing content related to that product and then promote the product. 

Share customer reviews, testimonials on your website as people give more weightage to product reviews to reach an easy decision.

  • Blogging  

Blogging is no new word. Often bloggers have their website where they can easily write content on varied stuff. You can generate income by writing blogs on eCommerce, marketing tips and tricks, or finding a medium that can get you bucks. 

You can also provide consulting services through your blog—for instance, Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest

By creating content, you develop trustworthy relationships with people. 

  • Online course/webinar 

Offering online courses or webinars on your website will also help you get a lot of traffic. If you are an expert in anything, make a course on that and help people learn that. It is total upto you if you want to make it paid or free. 

Paid courses will make you money, while free courses will drive traffic to your website, which is ultimately good for your website. 

More website traffic leads to more revenue!!!

Make these courses and webinars on common people’s objectives and solve all their queries to improvise their lives. Doing this will make you feel good, benefit your audience, and make you good money—all in all, a win-win situation for everyone. 


To monetize your YouTube, you need to understand the YouTube partner program. 

Creating a YouTube account is not a big deal; anyone can do that. However, to monetize your channel, you will have to meet some criteria. 

There are certain milestones that you need to surpass like - 

  • 1,000 subscribers 
  • 4000 watch hours in a year
  • Revenue from displaying Ads on YouTube channel - 

For this, you need AdSense, which is a simple way to earn money by displaying ads next to your online content. 

Another way is doing affiliate marketing on YouTube, which is also a good way to monetize your traffic. 

Before sharing content, you need to abide by YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines.

AdSense will help you keep track of the earnings you get from each Ad displayed on your channel. 

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  • Join channel membership  

YouTube channel membership is paid subscriptions to your channel. This allows people to join membership by paying a membership fee. 

You can offer perks via channel membership such as - 

  • Badges 
  • Exclusive live streams 
  • Custom emojis 
  • Live chat access 
  • Bonus content 

But you have to keep the focus on your free content as well. 

  • Selling merchandise 

You can create another revenue stream by selling merch on your YouTube channel.  

Once your channel is known to people for its unique content, they surely want to connect by buying merchandise. 

According to statistics, it is estimated that a YouTuber that pulls in a million views per month can make around $4,100 - $21,460 by selling merchandise.  

This can generate additional revenue as well as brand awareness. 

  • Brand collaboration 

Collaborating with other YouTube partners or channels can give monetary benefits. 

While collaborating, you need to be very authentic and not appear fake. Moreover, exchanging ideas with other creators brings in good output. 

There isn’t any contract involved in collaborating, but some YouTube channels have contracts that complicate things.  

Social media  

In 2020, there are over 3.6 billion social media users worldwide. Social media is always changing and growing. New trends and tactics pop up every single day. 

You got the target audience with this many users around the globe. Thus, there are various doors opened to earn from social media. 

  • Website traffic 

The more the website traffic, the more is the ROI. You can use social media platforms to get website traffic that will help you generate revenue. 

Before monetizing social media, you need to study customer persona and identify your niche. 

Traffic on your social media pages will increase your SEO ranks. Thus, increasing conversion rates. 

To drive website traffic, you need to deliver content filled with statistics, new thoughts, relevant in today’s age, and unique. 

  • Selling online courses 

In this digital world, everything is one click away, but as we all know that, “Knowledge is power.”

You can deliver quality content and educate people via social media platforms like selling online courses that are affordable and feasible. 

Set fees to be paid for such online courses keeping in view of the public. Also, promote online tutorials on every social media platform.

  • Social media influencer 

Becoming a social media influencer is not an easy road. First, it takes time to build such a connection with the audience.   

There are many social media influencers such as Zach King, Huda Kattan, James Charles, etc. 

The role of social media influencers is crucial in this communication network. They help their followers in buying decisions, which is why their audience implicitly trusts social media influencers.

Such social media influencers post pictures on their social media handles of products/brands and make videos, tutorials on them. 

Social media influencers make big money from these online platforms. 

  • Video marketing  

Making money through marketing is now easy. Thanks to Facebook live, IGTV.

Promoting and selling products through video marketing can get you more open rates as people love to watch product reviews than to reading brochures.  

You have to be more transparent and give authentic thoughts on the product you promote.    

Wrap up  

A website, YouTube, social media are all digitally the same. So we need to find a different approach to monetize them all. This blog has uncovered all the tips to monetize your website, YouTube, social media. 

You need to empty your brain to put in new ideas and implement the tips mentioned above to become a master in digital media platforms. 

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