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Best Instagram Story Viewer Apps in 2021 [Anonymous, Free and Paid]

September 5, 2021
Social Media

Instagram stories have become a much more personal way to get to know influencers, brands, products, and what people are up to in general. They offer tremendous opportunities for creators and brands to encourage engagement with their followers and so much more.  

In this post we will explore some of the best Instagram story viewer apps and how they help you if you are an influencer or a small brand owner. But before we begin, it's important to be aware of what Instagram story viewer apps are and what they do.

What Are Instagram Story Viewer Apps?

Instagram story viewer apps are third party applications which allow you to view and interact with Instagram stories off Instagram. They are tools to help you engage with your favorite influencer or brand through a separate app which is more encompassing that just directly viewing stories on Instagram. 

There are also tools which help you remain completely anonymous while checking Instagram stories. These tools can also help you gain access to private profiles. 

Let's look at some of the best Instagram story viewer apps that are available on the market today.


automateyour instagram stories viewing within insta stalker.

Best Anonymous Instagram Viewer

Instalkr is a unique app for Instagram. It allows you to get access to a public Instagram account without requiring you to have your own Instagram account. It allows you to anonymously view an Instagram account, view stories, likes comments and followers without anyone knowing.

The app can even show you posts or stories which have been deleted by the Instagram account. Instalkr also allows you to download videos and photos from any Instagram account you want. 

Main Features

  • Anonymous Instagram viewing
  • Download Instagram stories, photos, and videos
  • Access to deleted photos, stories, and videos
  • No Instagram account required to use

Pricing starts: Free

Qoob Stories 

watch instagram stories bulk with qoob

Best for Instagram bulk video and photo download

Qoob is a versatile Instagram story viewer app which gives you the ability to mass download videos and photos for different Instagram accounts. It allows you to download videos, photos, stories and even profile data that has been changed or deleted. 

You can do this on both public and private accounts. 

The app also allows you to automate the bulk download process of Instagram account data so all you must focus on is viewing the data you want from the specified profiles. 

Main Features

  • Bulk download automation
  • Download Instagram account profile photos, videos, and metadata
  • View Instagram stories from public and private accounts
  • Hashtag and caption saving

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Pricing: Free starter plan, $7 month for personal plan, $25 a month for professional plan 


watch instagram stories on automatic pilot

Best for Instagram account analysis

SmiHub is a great Instagram app to use to analyze other Instagram accounts. It has a clean and intuitive interface which allows you to quickly get used to the app and its related features. 

You simply enter an Instagram username, and the tool will provide you with tons of valuable information regarding its posts, videos, engagements and more. 

Main Features

  • Browse Instagram accounts anonymously
  • View Instagram stories
  • Download stories, videos, and photos
  • Analyze Instagram account information such as likes, comments, followers, and engagements

Price: Free


Get a full instagram marketing toolkit with Ingramer

Best for Instagram marketing 

Ingramer is more than just an Instagram story viewer app. It’s a full-fledged Instagram social media marketing tool. It allows influencers and businesses to tap into data which can help give them a marketing edge on Instagram. 

It offers the traditional functionalities as other Instagram story viewer apps such as downloading videos and photos and viewing accounts anonymously. The app is geared towards collecting information on influencers and potential clients and coming up with effective marketing strategies for Instagram

Main Features

  • Post Scheduling
  • Stories viewer
  • Hashtag Research
  • Video and Photo download

Price: $27 - $144 per account

Stories IG

watch instagram stories automatically

Best for quick and free anonymous Instagram account access

Stories IG is another app which helps you view Instagram stories quickly with minimalistic effort. Just place the username you want to spy on, and you get to access it anonymously with Stories IG. You just need the account to be a public one. 

The great part is that it’s extremely easy to use due to its design and you can also download videos and photos as you see fit. 

Main Features

  • Minimalistic design
  • Anonymous browsing options
  • Download photos, videos and stories

Price: Free


View and download instagram stories

Best for Viewing Instagram Stories Instantly

This is another Instagram story viewing app which has fantastic design and allows you to view stories, pictures, and videos anonymously. Just like all the other apps, you can download videos, pictures and stories and even save them right to your computer.

The best thing about StoriesDown would have to be its elegant design and the fact that you don’t have to get into any crazy registration forms to use the app. 

Main Features

  • No registration required to use
  • Download directly to computer or phone
  • Anonymous story viewing
  • Elegant design

Price: Free

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