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How To Identify Problem Points In Your Sales Strategy

July 24, 2021
Growth Hacking

Customer sales are what drive businesses to scale up. If you have a specific product that fulfills the needs of people, it's bound to attract attention. But even if you’ve pinpointed the specific demographic your business can cater to, sales sometimes won't pick up as quickly as you thought they would. Sales strategies won't always work right away, which is why it's crucial to spot and address issues that could be getting in the way of a good marketing or sales strategy.

Here are some of the ways you can do just that:

Evaluate Your Goals And Objectives

Formulating a strategy is the first step prior to selling anything. A plan needs to be in place so you can take the necessary measures to make the process of selling as smooth as possible. But somewhere along the way, the marketing and sales teams may have to deviate from the original plan due to unexpected reasons. An excellent example of this is when the strategy for increasing the quality of customer service shifts to goals toward increasing revenue instead.

In the same way, if other areas in sales and marketing have become a central problem, the goal to increase sales may get lost during implementation. As the business owner or a member of the management team, you need to identify such issues and discuss the original intent with your team in order to ensure that you’re all on the same page.

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make sure your goals are alligned within your company.

Test Website Functionality

Your business website is the primary go-to of customers if they need to learn more about your products or services. It serves as your online calling card and holds vital information that can convert a casual browser into a paying client.

But no matter who your visitor may be, they would expect smooth navigation once they get to your webpage. A problematic website can hinder sales, especially if it's loading slowly or it tends to crash. If it's also missing features such as wish lists, recommendations, product filters, and other similar elements, your business could be missing out on numerous sales opportunities.

It's vital to check the website's functionality, especially if you're in the retail business where sales regularly occur. Your administrator may need to assess every page of the website and check for critical metrics such as bounce and exit rates using various online tools. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of users who only view the first page they land on, and exit rate has to do with the frequency at which users leave the website. There might be factors preventing visitors from navigating to different pages of your website.

If you need improvements on your website, you can find companies offering affordable web design services to remedy this issue. When sales are at risk, finding a quicker solution than hiring a new employee to handle web design is crucial. Online service providers will be able to give you a wide range of options as well as web design pricing so you don't have to keep guessing.

Tool recommendation: ContentKing

Assess Marketing Efforts

Your marketing strategy influences sales. There are various symptoms of a problematic

marketing strategy that could leave your business in shambles:

Identifying your target market is one of the first steps to creating an effective strategy. If your pricing proactively drives your sales, you're most likely marketing to the wrong demographic. For example, if your brand is leaning toward luxurious items, your marketing team must formulate a plan to market them to affluent customers.

Detrimental business-to-business dealings are one of the worst causes of failing sales. Marketing can be complicated, but overcoming challenges and successful sales sometimes cause some companies to start offering shortcut services that aren’t sustainable and often lead to their and their clients’ downfall.

In the first place, increasing conversions wouldn’t require you to pay for extra services. When in doubt, head to your website's back office and start analyzing your content and navigation. You may find that the problem only needs minor to moderate tweaking.

When your customers aren’t aware that you're offering a specific product or service, the problem lies with communication. The idea of marketing is to introduce what you're offering to help solve customer problems. If your long-time buyers or patrons don't know that you're selling a new product, you may have to discuss it with your team. It's important to introduce your latest products or services and market them through various forms of media to remind your customers of the options available to them.

Conduct Thorough Research

What kind of brand are you promoting, and what does it represent? You and your team would be able to answer that, but there's an issue if your target market can't. Their perception of your brand is also what can or can't drive sales. If the company is experiencing a slump, you’ll need to conduct market research and reach out for feedback. Knowing what customers think can help you adapt certain strategies to improve your brand image.

It's also important to note what your sales staff think about specific matters. They’re the front lines of your organization, so they can provide information you're seeking that might not be mentioned by customers. Talking to them will help you understand both sides because sales conversion happens between your staff and the customers. When you consider the insights from the two groups, you can influence the growth of your revenue and make the necessary decisions to scale your business.

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Learn To Leverage Sales

Unexpected events may happen that could leave a business no choice but to adapt to the situation or leave people behind. Last year's pandemic has taken a toll on the global economy, leading to the closure of various companies and leaving many people jobless. But despite the tightening of the economy, those that survived found ways to keep going by exploring new opportunities.

With the global population having experienced numerous changes, products that didn't make it to the essentials list have exploded. One example of that is the RV whose price rose 600% due to

lifestyle changes. Once travel restrictions were lifted, people wanted to travel as safely as possible, and RVs allowed them to do that and provided them with privacy.

The RV example may also have to do with people’s emotions as they value the peace of mind that comes with safer traveling and being able to bond with their loved ones. Using people's emotions as a sales tactic is also an efficient way to market. Product lines associated with the RV rose in sales, too.

Meeting customer needs has always been the foundation of business success. They change and vary, so determining additional problems is vital when it comes to deciding whether your company can address customer needs by creating new products and services.

Look Into The Size Of Your Target Market

Whether your business is B2C or B2B, determining your target market is an absolute must if you want to stay afloat for a long time. But some still make the mistake of creating a comprehensive list of possible customers they can deal with and attempt to market to all of them. One's misplaced optimism can overwhelm the team, and setting unrealistic expectations can derail your goals.

If you have a small team, it's best to focus on a small number of customers or clients. Create a narrow list of the most important customers or business names considering the industry, location, and business size. You’ll need to monitor if the ones on your list are improving your sales. If not, you can move on to the next ones and refresh your list. But no matter who you retain and remove, always establish a good relationship with customers and other businesses alike.

Utilize Video Prospecting

Are you sure that you’ve exhausted all means of getting customer responses? It's getting more challenging to solicit feedback and market to people with limited attention spans and tight schedules. While you have various tools and devices for marketing and surveys, users are less responsive, and getting the information you need becomes snail-mail slow. There could be multiple reasons for this, including information overload and sales representatives who need further training.

One way to get the right word out to the right people is through video prospecting. This is where an email marketing list would be helpful because you can include a video link in every email you send to subscribers. There are also a few platforms that will allow you to host the video for business purposes.

Track Promotional Strategies

Promotional or marketing strategies vary, and not every one of them will bring the results you need. They’re designed to increase exposure, promote sales, and increase the market share of your business. But there are many to consider, and you'd want to see which one can give you the best results in the fastest possible time.

You can identify problem points by using one or two marketing metrics that’ll help track the

performance of the spend and return on investment (ROI). Focus on those metrics, and avoid adding another one unless the current ones aren’t helping with your business decisions.

An example of a metric is how likely your customers are to recommend your business to other people. The net promoter score (NPS) is a valid metric in a single-question survey form. You can use NPS if your goal is to retain your existing customers. You’ll also need to note if your efforts affect attrition and how much you’re spending per ad based on existing customers.

In Conclusion

Your business thrives on sales, and just like any other company, it may experience a slump due to varying factors. Identifying the problem involves taking a closer look at your marketing and sales strategies, how you treat your people, and how you communicate with customers and businesses. While it's not easy running a business, tackling issues one by one will help you come up with solutions you may not have tried before.

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