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7 Signs Your Sales Strategy Isn't Working and How to Fix It

June 23, 2021

A great sales strategy is not a stagnant thing. You need to analyze, reanalyze, shape your strategy and sometimes start over from scratch. In this article, we’ll describe the telltale signs of a falling sales strategy and how to fix it. 

Start by reevaluating your KPIs and zero in on the 5 goals that work for you. If you’re constantly measuring every single possible KPI, you’ll end up with a lot of numbers but if you don’t understand the meaning behind them, you’ll lose out on the bigger picture. 

The KPIs we choose to spotlight are bounce rate, repeat business and traffic since we think that they can tell how healthy a business is, no matter the industry. You’ll also want to find measurements that work specifically for your brand, like the number of new subscribers, new clients, and such. 

You have a high bounce rate

Let’s start with the bounce rate. It depicts the rate of people who visit your site and leave without engaging with any of the content. This doesn’t mean that they didn’t buy anything - this is the group of people who didn’t click on any links or landing pages. 

The importance of your bounce rate lies in how it ties to bad user experience and low site sales. That means that you need to make 2 changes - make your site more engaging and work on providing a better user experience. 

Once people become a part of your sales funnel and they get directed towards your site, you need to get them to stay there and convert and you can do that by providing them with valuable information. 

You can do that with blogs, videos, infographics, whatever floats your boat, but make sure you’re educating them on your product, service, or brand in an all-encompassing way with sources, examples, and stories from real people. 

If for example, you’re selling a food delivery service, don’t just list all the meals you deliver. Introduce your company and workers to your clients, explain where you get your produce from, educate people about different ingredients that could be beneficial to them, and share your favourite recipes. 

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Once you have that covered, bring in the “human element” and ask your long-time clients to share how they benefit from your services. Target people’s emotions and show how you solved your clients’ problems, as well as how you gave them more time in the day to focus on their family and other important things. 

Make sure your site is the first place people come to learn about your products and services. That should be one of your biggest draws to your site. Skincare brands excel at this. They understand that it’s not likely people will buy all of their skincare products from one brand. 

That’s why cosmetic companies educate people on not just products, but ingredients that can be used at the same time. That way their customers know if they can incorporate new products into their skincare routines and can start discovering their brand, one product at a time. 

By providing your audience with valuable content that isn’t strictly promotional, you’ll earn their trust and establish your site’s credibility. 

Better your client’s user experience by creating clear and visible CTA on every page of your website. Make sure your typography is easy to read and consistent. One of the most important steps of creating a user-friendly site is speed so make sure to constantly work on that and remove any elements that may be slowing down your site. 

You’re not getting repeat sales

Although it may seem like repeat sales are exclusively up to the quality of your product or service, e.i. your production team, there are ways you can encourage people to buy from you again. 

Start by creating a loyalty program that awards your repeat customers with discounts, free samples or trials. Also, make sure to create content that speaks directly to people who own certain products and inform them on how they can use two or more of your products in order to maximize their benefit. 

entering credicard details to buy a repetive product.
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Consider creating an affiliate program that offers your customers and clients discounts for every new client they bring in. That way, you’ll expand your customer pool and secure repeat purchases from existing ones. 

And provide amazing customer service by improving your email response time. Speedy communication is satisfying to new and existing customers, and a great way to set your business apart from competitors.

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Your site’s traffic is going down

If your site traffic is going down, you need to reassess your SEO strategy in order to find your weaknesses and fix them. Your SEO strategy should fix the organic process of people finding your page and all paid advertising follows under a different category. 

Fix your content, metadata and keywords and keep at it continually. SEO is not a one-time fix kind of thing. Make friends with Google, but don’t forget about other search engines. Especially since voice assistants use them, and voice search has been on a steady rise all over the world. 

Your website does lack of security

What happens when you bring your customers to your website but soon your customer finds that your website does not have proper security? Yes, rising cybercrime compels each business to have proper website security to take care of customers’ login credentials and payment information. If a website is not secured then, a cyber culprit can sniff the information and misuse it. To assure customers about their payment information, you need a primary but inevitable security named SSL certificate.

Google Chrome doesn't even show a website anymore if you don't have a SSL certificate. It will mark the site as "unsafe". Want to get your website secure? You are able to select from a variety of SSL certificates, it depends totally upon the site’s requirement. You will find many types of SSL certificates when you google it. For example, if the site requires a wildcard SSL for securing subdomains then, you can find RapidSSL, Sectigo, AlphaSSL, Comodo wildcard SSL at discounted prices from direct certificate authorities and resellers. So, save your hard earned money and secure your website right away.

Customers are choosing cheaper alternatives

If your customers are abandoning your brand for a cheaper solution, you need to step up your marketing and sales campaigns and focus them around the quality and value of your products and services. 

You need to understand that your audience is checking out your competition and you need to shape your sales strategy accordingly. Put the focus on your USP and the reason your brand is more expensive or better quality than others. 

Maybe you bring the best results, have the most integrations, work with your clients in order for them to achieve long-term success, or have an eco-friendly approach to business. Whatever it may be, make sure it’s the focal point of your campaigns. 

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You’re using old content to attract new customers

A lot of marketers will say that they don’t follow trends, but create them. This is a ridiculous state of mind since market trends shape the landscape of marketing campaigns. Customers have never had such an opportunity to discover other options and find the best one for them.

So if your competitors are spoiling your shared audience with a hospitable approach that goes beyond anything you’ve done before, you need to step up your game. The same goes for content marketing.

You can’t keep pushing the same old content and expect the same results as before. Make sure you’re creating different content for different platforms and don’t stop at written content. Film videos, create tutorials and continually think about other ways to engage your audience

Your revenue increase teams are not working together

If your marketing, sales and customer service teams are not working together, you’re missing out on creating a grandiose sales strategy. Your customer service team knows what your potential customers want and your marketing team knows how to engage your audience with amazing content you should be using in your sales funnel. 

people working together
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Make sure these three teams communicate and share their discovery, analysis and goals. The only way to provide your customers with an effortless sales experience is if you’re all on the same page, incomplete understanding of the bigger picture and long-term goals. 

Your social media isn’t educating your audience 

Social media is a great place to discover new brands and products. That’s why it’s important to build relationships with your audience. So don’t think about social media as only a place to promote your brand, make sure to educate your audience and provide them with valuable content. 

The most important thing is to realize you’re experiencing problems. Once you figure out what’s going wrong in your sales strategy, you can brainstorm ways to fix it. 

Make sure to ask for help and listen to other teams in order to work out the best ways to attract new customers and increase your revenue. 

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