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Growth Hacking Facebook Strategies To Grow Your Website

September 5, 2020
Growth Hacking

It’s hard to deny the fact that Facebook is one of the largest and most influential social media platforms online today. It averages roughly a billion active users on a daily basis and carries massive global reach. 

If you are running a website and want to grow your website and audience base, being active on Facebook is a great way to do so. In this post we will explore different growth hacking facebook strategies that can grow your websites traffic and increase your audience. 

Let’s dive right in. 

Make Use of Facebook Groups

Most people who make use of Facebook to drive social traffic to their websites are not even thinking about using Facebook groups to grow their audience. Facebook groups carry large amounts of daily active users who are extremely interested in specific topics of discussion. 

Think of facebook groups as small communities of people who are highly interested in a specific topic who are there for a common purpose. There is plenty of value inside them and if used correctly you can drive highly targeted traffic back to your website.

Just hover over to Facebook and search inside the groups section for a topic of your choice. You will be surprised how many people are in some of these groups and how actively they post and have interactions. 

find specific groups on facebook, for example groups about search engine opimization (SEO)

Rules for Using Facebook Groups Effectively

When you first request to join a Facebook group there will typically be an approval process by the admin of the group. 

Qualify people for facebook groups by adding questions

They will ask you a list of questions that are required to be answered prior to joining in order to make sure you understand the rules of the group. It’s important you abide by the rules of the group in order to ensure that you don’t spam the group. 

Once you are approved it’s important to post content that is relevant to other group members and avoid posting just to post. If you provide value and relevance for group members you will be rewarded.

It’s also important that you periodically join in on discussions that are going on in the group and provide your opinion. This will help you make connections with other people in the group and build a strong community.

So to reiterate….

  • Abide by the rules of the Facebook group
  • Don’t post simply to post, provide valuable and relevant content to the group members
  • Get active in topic discussions and share your opinion
  • Interact with people and see how your website or resources can help them

Create an Eye Catching Facebook Page

Another common misconception is that Facebook Pages aren’t that valuable for helping to drive website traffic back to your website. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Facebook pages are a great way to create a loyal base of followers who are interested in the content you post.

Checkout the woodworking page below.

Facebook page example for businesses. Great way to promote your business online

It has a community of over 57,423 people who follow the topic of woodworking along with over 55,107 likes on the page. That is some serious traffic potential.

If you have an active Facebook Page with loyal followers which you post to on a regular basis you can get some serious traffic back to your website. Checkout the sample post below.

Have other people do the marketing for you via facebook, they can share your posts

This single post generated over 67 likes, 42 comments and 14 shares. This resulted in some serious traffic back to the website who shared the post.

Facebook pages function in a similar way to Facebook groups. If someone follows a certain page and that page puts up a post, the post will show up in the person's timeline. The great part about some of these pages is that the traffic carries very high interest and relevancy. People who have a strong interest in the niche will take the time to read your post and content. 

Create Your Own Facebook Group

An alternative to joining a targeted Facebook group is to simply create your own. This puts you in complete control of the content that is shared inside the group and the quality of members inside the group.

You set and enforce the rules. 

Growth Hacking facebook strategy; create a facebook group

Creating and running your own Facebook group will require a few things on your end.

  • Setting the rules for members
  • Approving posts
  • Monitoring the group to ensure rules are followed
  • Approving new members
  • Removing posts and members who don’t follow the rules

Running your own Facebook group has serious benefits for your website because it allows you to directly share your content with an interested group of people. These aren’t just random people. They are people who directly requested to join your group, so the traffic you will receive from them is highly relevant. 

Steps to Launch Your Facebook Group

  1. WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHY. Decide on the niche and name of your group, the reason you are starting the group, the rules of the group and your target members.
  1. Start Your Group. Simply go to Facebook and create your group for your niche.
  1. Create the description and group expectations. Include information about the group, who you are, what the group is for, your rules and member expectations.
  1. Promote your group. Join other relevant groups and seek out for others to join your group. This is an effective way to get others to join your group when you are first starting out. You can also run paid Facebook ads to get people to join your group if you have the necessary budget.

Run Facebook Ads To Your Website

Depending on what your goal is with your website a quick option to get traffic is to run Facebook ads. Facebook ads tend to be very inexpensive when compared to other paids traffic sources and can be highly effective if you have the right ad targeting options in place.

Facebook ads can be specifically effective for small to mid scale businesses and ecommerce stores. 

Run Facebook Ads to promote your website, great way to gain more website traffic

How to Create a Facebook Ad Campaign

When you navigate to the Facebook ad section, select your desired ad goal. This can range from:

  • Getting more website visitors
  • Boosting a post
  • Promoting your page
  • Promoting your business locally
  • Getting more leads
Get more website visitors by creating facebook ads

Next we will outline the scope of our ad creative and the targeting.

We will need to specify the following:

  • The ad description 
  • Image display
  • Headline
  • Button Label
  • Target URL ( your website )
  • Audience targeting
  • The Ad duration
  • Daily ad budget spend
  • Placement 
  • Payment Method
Grow your business by running facebook ads.

Once you have all these in place you can start running your Facebook ad. You will notice direct visitors to your website within 24-48 hours. If you have money to spend, it’s an easy and effective way to get immediate visitors to your website or products. Also, make sure to monitor your ad performance at all times. If you notice ad fatigue or any other inconsistencies jump in and edit them.


All of these growth hacking Facebook strategies can bring you a good chunk of social traffic. You have to find which strategy works best for the type of content you have. Once you find out which strategy works best for you, you need to measure the results and create a systematic way of promoting your content.

If you are looking for Growth Hacking tools in general, check out this Growth Hacking Suite of tools.

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