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Google Confirms Core Algorithm Update For December 2020

December 6, 2020

As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse, Google has officially announced that they will be rolling out a new core update in the month of December in 2020. This marks the third core update of the 2020 year, the first being in January of 2020 and the second being in May of 2020.

Google tends to roll out core updates at least 3-4 times per year, so this should come as no surprise to finish off the year. This announcement has left some SEO professionals shocked, surprised and most of all concerned as to what kind of impact it will have on their websites organic ranking. 

The official announcement. Below is a tweet by Google announcing their core algorithm update, naming it “The December 2020 Core Update”.

If you are reading this article, Google has already started the process of slowly rolling out their update which is estimated to take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to fully roll out.

What the Update Means for Webmasters

If you are a website owner or provide SEO and website management for clients, you may be concerned as to what kind of impact the update can potentially have. Previous updates in the past have been known to have adverse effects on websites organic search ranking.

In the next couple of weeks webmasters should closely monitor their websites traffic and identify pages where they are seeing changes in. 

Focus on identifying which specific pages may have gotten hit from the update and see what you can do to improve and update those pages. Just because you have gotten hit from a Google core update, it doesn’t mean you can’t make adjustments to get your website back to normal.

Google core updates are meant to improve search results and most updates made by Google aren’t even noticeable to most webmasters. If you focus on building and creating the best possible experience for your audience your website performance will flourish. 

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Focusing on Producing High Quality Content 

There will undoubtedly be websites who take a hit from Google’s core update. For the most part, these tend to be websites with low quality content, poor website structure and spammy backlink profiles. 

As mentioned by Google, their algorithm seeks to reward high quality and relevant content which is what you should focus on creating. This is a time to reassess your content production, update old posts that could help users, improve your website speed and even update your website layout. 

If Google is constantly making updates to their algorithm, it’s no question that you should also keep your website up to date, enjoyable for the audience and relevant. This is what Google will reward and as a result you should look to align your website to the quality that Google rewards. 

It’s that simple. 

If you create high quality content that you readers enjoy, Google knows and they will seek to reward it. If you take a short term approach to content, Google will eventually find out and you may find yourself on the other end of their updates.

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