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Essential Tools for Entrepreneurs that Save Time and Resources

October 7, 2021

Today, the demand for instant communication and high-level mobile workflow has brought the computers and laptops of old out of the office and into your pocket. With software packages, mobile applications, and a variety of modern BI tools at your disposal, doing business has never been more convenient. Since these tools require no expert knowledge and they’re simple to use, they have become essential for the budding entrepreneur looking to take the world by storm.

What tools do we recommend you invest in? Here is our pick of tools that are simply vital for a smooth-running business of any kind.

Automated Calling Systems

Why would you benefit from an automated calling system? The simple fact is that making calls is necessary, but it also involves a lot of time. What if you had a tool that could simultaneously call hundreds or even thousands of people for you? There are excellent calling systems and apps that allow you to send pre-recorded voice messages – which can range from announcements to invitations, to special sales or whatever you may need to communicate to your target audience – to several numbers at once. This can be done manually, or you can also schedule a time for the calls.

The advantage of these systems is that you have a greater reach in terms of numbers, and they also enable you to save time and resources. This is one tool we strongly recommend any entrepreneur invest in if you are looking to streamline your communications.

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Cloud-Based Scheduling Tools

The advent of cloud storage has led to some great innovations in apps and software. One especially useful type of tool for the entrepreneur comes in the form of scheduling or booking tools. Rather than having to contact each client to book a meeting or consultation, these tools allow the client to choose an open slot that is convenient to them on a cloud-based calendar. You then get a notification that the slot is taken, and the client will be reminded of the meeting close to the time.

Some of these packages come with additional functions, including group bookings and the option to send invoices to clients so that there is no chance of missing payments. There are also some that feature video calling technology, which has become exceedingly popular these days.

Recommended tool; Calendly

Expense Tracking Technology

For an entrepreneur who works alone, keeping track of their expenses can be a hassle. Thankfully, there are apps that can do it for you. You can use your online banking app, or turn to stand-alone apps that help you gather the information needed for your tax returns.

These apps help you stay on top of your finances by automatically logging expenses when you make payments. At the end of each month, you can run a report and get instant data on the expenses you have incurred in that month. For entrepreneurs who are on the road often, these apps may be invaluable.

Milestones and Deadlines

Are you the type of entrepreneur who juggles to make deadlines? If so, an app or tool that keeps track of your deadlines and milestones will be of great interest, and the best part is that you have plenty to choose from. These apps notify you when you are about to reach a milestone date and remind you of deadlines in advance. This gives you the ability to track your progress across all of your projects.

Tools to check; Monday & Asana


It is important to bear in mind that the tools we have mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of available apps, tools, and software that would help an entrepreneur. These tools make life a lot easier and help you save time on basic tasks so you can focus on growing your business and marketing your products. Have a closer look at what is trending right now, and you will discover many other tools that will help with your business growth and performance. We hope we have inspired you to boost your efficiency as an entrepreneur, and good luck with your latest endeavors!

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