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Cold Email Strategies: Popular Tips That Don’t Work

December 11, 2020

Are your cold emails not working? Are you struggling to get responses from your audience? Chances are that you could be doing something wrong. In this article we will share some popular cold email tips that simply no longer work in today’s constantly evolving digital landscape.

Cold Emails: Tips That Don't Work

Many people think that cold emails are a useless tool that shouldn't be wasted attention. But this is not the case. Perhaps you are simply using the wrong strategy for what you are trying to accomplish. 

Some cold email tips simply don't work, and you should know this. Analyzing mistakes and adjusting your email marketing promptly can make cold emails the best tool for promoting your business. So let's take a look at the most important points

The Bigger, the Better

Avoid looking spammy. Don't try to reach the entire audience of potential customers all at once. Which spam emails do you think are the first? As a rule, these are marketing junk with flashy headlines and completely uninformative content. You need to define the target audience and their target needs

how to not write a cold email; with lots of text

You don't call the bakery asking, "Can you write my paper for me cheap?". Typically, this is what writing services do. It's the same with cold emails. Your message should look like an attractive marketing tool that offers benefits to the client.

You also need to refrain from listing all the benefits of your company in the first email. As a general rule of thumb, clients do not yet understand how good the format of cooperation is and whether you should answer at all. 

If you write too much standard information and unnecessary verbal phrases, it will become negative and that will push most potential clients towards being more transparent and honest. In particular, you should develop a universal template and several options that will work in each specific case. The first letter is like a hook on your fishing rod to catch a fish.

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Annoying Headlines

Many lay marketers think that clichés  and templates still work. But people love personalization and are ready to cooperate only with those who are ready to solve their problems. If your email header and body are too tedious, aggressive, or annoying, then your message will go to spam.

Don't be seen as SPAM with your cold email

You don't say to the first person you meet, "Can you write my essay for me?" Don't be too aggressive. Remember, you need to develop catchy headlines, but don't rely on marketing and aggressive promotion of your services. If you want to cooperate with a specific person, try to personalize your message and indicate why it is beneficial to cooperate with you.

A provocative title is really justified only if it allows you to motivate a person for a certain action or purchase. Nevertheless, if your niche does not involve aggressive marketing, you better refrain from such cold email promotion methods. It is best if you stick to a certain Sane concept involving mild interest and personalization rather   than spam or aggressive marketing.

A Lot of Text Is Good

If you think that the cold email should contain all the necessary information, a copy of the contract, and your grandmother's will, then you are wrong. Keep your letter as succinct and as relevant as an essay paper help. Sometimes even one or two sentences can interest a potential interlocutor to write to you.

Unfortunately, cold emails are no longer an easy way to engage your audience. If you are interested in a specific person, you just need to visit his Facebook profile and watch his activity. For example, you saw that the shop window of the owner of the coffee shop was broken. Write a letter of condolences and offer your help at a small discount.

Such a cold letter will already be slightly different from the classic messaging model. But this is a more effective method than selling display cases or glass panels indiscriminately. This is why even a short, targeted message will have a positive effect. Besides, the human brain is designed so that a huge text will be read-only if it is very interesting.

A huge cold letter is only justified if your niche involves a detailed description of a product or service. For example, you have a highly competitive product with several key advantages that set you apart from your competitors. Then you really should describe It at the very beginning. But it’s best if you start by gradually finding points of contact with your potential customers. It will be more reasonable since you will not look too aggressive.

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Grammar Is Not Important

Perhaps this statement is justified for writing user reviews on Amazon, but it does not work with cold emails. The adult target audience negatively perceives stylistic and spelling mistakes. This is why your email needs to be polished.

make sure you write your cold emails with good grammar

Read the entire text several times, or even use a service to find grammatical errors. Re-reading will also allow you to remove unnecessary sentences or complex structures. You must correctly and clearly formulate your thoughts. Then the audience will be more interested in reading at least the next line.

Even modern teenagers notice grammatical errors in emails and do not respond to them. You should create about 10 or more templates and check each one carefully. Based on the created text, you can build cold letters and slightly modify them. 

But do not rush to submit a new version without checking all the necessary aspects. Otherwise, you risk not only embarrassing yourself but also losing a huge number of potential customers. The fact is that many people tell other potential clients about such curious cases. It can be negative advertising for you.

Hidden Selling Is Good

Let's take a look at this point with an example. Let's say you are a Chinese smartphone seller and want to sell all the gadgets quickly. This is normal, but do not try to make friends with end customers and partners in correspondence and covertly hint at them to buy. It looks strange. It is best if you immediately state your intentions. For example, let's say you want to sell smartphones at an affordable price.

They are more expensive than your competitors and have a Chinese version of the firmware. Your gadgets have an international version of the operating system. This is exactly the aspect that you can present as a plus. If you sell, do it openly. But don't be too intrusive. And now you know that the preliminary formation of the letter for the target audience is very important.

You should first find out what worries the average client and offer him this in the first letter. Even if your text looks too advertising, you will still have success. For example, you help people set up certain network equipment, and only you know how to change the firmware or install additional hardware quickly.

Then you can start your cool email with some marketing slogans. You will have to act carefully as if you are walking through a minefield in all other cases. There is nothing difficult about it. But you will have to act a little longer than usual.

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Text Is Better Than Video

A lot of marketers got their first negative experience of creating cold emails from this very moment. The fact is that there are cases when one text is not enough. First, you must structure each paragraph in such a way as to highlight all the main aspects of your sentence.

But a photo or even a video can do much more for sales.Record a short 30-second video presenting your product. It can be more efficient than writing a two-page essay. The fact is that people perceive pictures and videos more effectively. This is lightweight content. You can also think overall the scenario moments in advance and exclude any flaws at the moment of video editing. As a result, you will have a great presentation of you or your business. This will be a great solution for your cold email.

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