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The Best YouTube Tools to Use to Grow Your Channel Organically [Free and Paid]

October 24, 2021
Social Media

If you have a YouTube channel and want to grow it, it's important to be aware of what your audience is looking for. As such, it's important to use YouTube tools that can help you discover content that your target audience has an interest in. There are so many hardworking YouTubers out there who put up content every week and struggle to see results.

The truth is if you want to grow on YouTube in a predictable way it's important to research and find out how you can provide value for content that people are already searching for.

Another hard truth is that you are most likely not going to be the next Mr.Beast, but that doesn't mean you can't build and grow a YouTube channel. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best YouTube tools you can use to grow your YouTube channel organically. Before we show you all the relevant YouTube tools, let's discuss why so many YouTubers fail in the first place.

 Why Do So Many YouTubers Fail?

  • They fail to realize that YouTube is a search engine. Youtube is the second biggest search engine next to Google. It's also owned by Google and they behave in very similar ways when it comes to search.

  • Blowing up on YouTube is a mathematical anomaly and you most likely won't. Sorry to break it to you. Although people go viral on YouTube almost every day, your chances are pretty slim unless you have something extremely unique, relatable, and is with the times. According to Oberlo, there are roughly 720,000 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every single day.

  • They face burnout quickly. Most YouTubers call it quits within the first 3 months of starting their channel. They simply fail to realize how the platform works and what kind of content it prioritizes and pushes up in the search results.

These are just a few of the many reasons why most YouTubers fail to do anything significant with their channels. If you don't want to be part of that statistic, don't just upload video after video. Take some time to learn how the platform works, how search works, and what kind of content the algorithm favors. 

Now let's take a look at some of the best YouTube Tools you should be using in order to grow your channel organically 


Best YouTube Reporting and Analysis

SocialBlade is one of the coolest YouTube tools on the market. Just punch in someone’s YouTube channel name and you’ll get a deep look into their statistics and how their channel is performing. It provides you with a very detailed look into how people’s YouTube channels are performing every single month. 

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Warning: This can be very addicting

Social Blade Features

Some of the statistics that SocialBlade provides are pretty amazing. You can see things such as:

  • Number of subscribers someone has gained in the past month
  • Video views for the last 30 days
  • Estimated yearly earnings (people are very nosey about this)
  • Monthly gained subscribers over the past 12 months
  • Country rank of the YouTube channel
  • How similar channels are performing

This is some seriously valuable data if you are researching what kind of channel you are thinking about creating. Knowing some of these numbers can be super motivating when you are just starting out. 

Another cool feature is the ability to see a real time subscriber count. 

This can be super fun to watch as your channel begins to grow. There are countless other statistics you can check out with SocialBlade and it can serve as a good basis for research in order to gain an idea of what is possible if you take your channel seriously. 

SocialBlade can also help you apply for YouTube partnerships once your channel hits a certain milestone.


The great thing about SocialBlade is that you can see most of the data you need with their free version. They have a paid subscriptions which can give you access to more detailed data, but the free version is completely fine to use for research. 


Best For YouTube SEO Optimization

TubeBuddy is a very powerful YouTube SEO tool.

It’s extremely effective in helping you understand how keyword research, search intent, and competition works in YouTube. Video SEO is extremely important if you plan to grow your channel organically. TubeBuddy makes this very easy and fun. 

They offer a ton of useful SEO options when it comes to optimizing your videos on YouTube. 

Understanding all the nuances associated with how YouTube SEO works can help you optimize your videos so they start showing up as “related videos”. This is how you can begin to get views and subscribers. 


One of the most popular features of TubeBuddy is it’s Video SEO, specifically it’s keyword explorer tool. 

Simply type in a search phrase or keyword and you will see some very important data. 

Their keyword explorer tools allows you to see some of the following keyword level data:

  • Estimated search volume
  • Competition level
  • Optimization strength
  • Number of videos in search results
  • Related searches
  • Interest level over time

This data is extremely important to find out because it can show you whether you can compete in a certain topic or niche. This can save you a ton of time and help you avoid making videos on topics in which you won’t have the chance to compete in. 

Another fascinating feature is it’s Videolytics summary. Once you install the chrome extension of TubeBuddy you will be able to see the statistics of any YouTube video directly on YouTube. 

Below is what you will see.

This allows you to spy and see how a video is performing, what tags they are using and how they are structuring their titles and description. This is extremely valuable if you want to see what top performing YouTubers and videos are doing.


The great thing is that most of the features you need from TubeBuddy are 100% free. They also have a paid version of the tool which is extremely affordable if you plan on taking YouTube seriously. 


Best for YouTube Competition Analysis and Channel Audit

VidIQ is also another very popular YouTube tool which we have found is the best for competitor analysis and discovery. VidIQ has their own score they assign to YouTube videos. This score helps to judge the likelihood of a video getting promoted in related videos, YouTube search, and recommended videos.

They have powerful features which can help you discover current trends, what our competitors are doing that’s making them successful. They will even send you daily video ideas which have a high probability of performing well in search. 


VidIQ is designed to help you maximize your video’s organic reach by helping you discover and create content that is well optimized and designed to get picked up by YouTube. Some of their features include:

Scorecard tool shows you all the relevant information about a video’s performance and engagement level.

Daily Ideas is an AI tool which will surface the most relevant content ideas for your channel based on your niche and current trends. It’s extremely useful if you have trouble coming up with content ideas.

Keyword Tools  help you discover the search volume, competition level, and all the important statistics you need for your videos. 

Most Viewed shows you the most trending videos on YouTube based on the criteria you select. This is extremely useful if you want to drill down on how a specific niche is performing and what kind of content people are making. 

Channel Audit is an extremely valuable feature offered by VidIQ and it can help you discover how your channel is currently performing, where it’s lacking, and what you can do  to improve. 

These are just a few of the many different features that are available with VIDIQ. For a full list of their features click here.


VidIQ’s pricing is very fair considering the plethora of tools and features you get. 

We personally use this tool and it’s our favorite. 

Streamlabs OVS

Best for Streaming and Screen Recording YouTube

Streamlabs is a bit different from the other YouTube tools we discussed. As their name implies, they are used for live streaming. If you are planning on running a gaming channel this is the best tool to use. 

They make it super easy to personalize your streams with professional overlays. In addition they allow streaming to other platforms like Twitch and Facebook and have a very intuitive user interface.


  • Creative OBS overlays and themes give you the ability to build your brand
  • Video highlighter is a free editing tool for streamers
  • Custom tip page allows you to interact with your fans and receive tips
  • Intro maker helps you create custom video intros for your YouTube channel

Streamlabs also features widgets which can help you engage with your audience and help you to get monetized.


The great part about Streamlabs is that most of their products and widgets are completely free to use. They have a few other tools on their website which can help you collaborate with other creators and edit and share your clips. 


Best for YouTube Video Editing 

Lightworks is an extremely powerful YouTube video editing tool. If you have ever had to edit videos through Adobe Premier Pro or other video editing programs, you know just how time consuming that can be. Lightworks is extremely easy and intuitive to use and can help you save time editing your videos, while still keeping strong editing features in place.


  • Powerful drag and drop features allow you to edit and compile videos with ease
  • Supports any type of video file
  • Share media files and organize your video files effectively
  • Enhanced  effect features with a massive library of presets and animations
  • Text and title animation effects
  • Royalty free media and stock video from Pond5
  • Colour correction capabilities
  • Image and object isolation in real time
  • 3D video editing features
  • Audio mixing and enhancement

The great part about this tool is that it’s extremely easy and intuitive to use. You won’t have the same learning curve as you would with Adobe Premier Pro.


Their pricing is very affordable and you get some amazing features without the massive learning curve that’s associated with traditional video editing.


Now that you know about the best YouTube tools on the market, it’s time to start using them wisely. It’s important to first conduct the necessary research and then come up with a content production plan that you will follow consistently for at least 6 months to start. 

Take your time and remember to enjoy the process and the journey. If you really want to grow on YouTube you will find a way. These tools can help accelerate you to success. 

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