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The 10 Best Sales Management Tools For Growing Businesses

September 14, 2020
Lead Generation

In this article we will take a look into the 10 best sales management tools for growing businesses and why it’s important to have the right software in place to help your organization thrive. 

As your sales organization begins to grow, so will the everyday tasks and demands that are required to handle clients, processes and employees. As a result it’s important that your organization has the necessary sales management tools in place to help them handle growth.

What Are Sales Management Tools?

Sales management tools are simply software tools which can help your organization handle your clients needs, operational tasks and employee workflow. They are meant to automate and make certain processes inside your organization simple and effective for handling your clients and everyday tasks.

Sales management tools range from simple tasks such as scheduling calls to automating marketing and sales processes all-together. The demands and growth of your sales organization will determine what kind of software you need in order to help you manage everything. 

These tools are meant to improve your business and create a steady workflow which can help you continue growth without issues. 

Why Your Business Needs Sales Management Tools

If business chaos continues for long periods of time it can cause serious damage to an organization. Sales management tools are needed in order to help reduce the noise and make certain processes run smoother.

It’s not just a matter of having sales management tools in place. Your business needs to have the right tools in place for it’s demands. Knowing what that tool is requires you to have the right team in place to help identify where your organization can use automation and optimization. 

Sales management tools can help your organization by:

  • Managing Leads
  • Storing Customer Data
  • Creating Customized Reports
  • Automating Time Consuming Tasks
  • Identifying Opportunities for Improvement
  • Tracking sales performance

These are just a few of the many ways sales management tools can help your organization. Let’s take a look at some of the best sales management tools that can help your business grow.


Screenshot of the Pipedrive website with all its CRM features

PipeDrive is a full scale CRM solution that is meant to keep your sales team focused on the important stages of the sales process. It allows your team to manage leads and deals that are in your pipeline and accurately track each stage. 

track all your deals easily within Pipedrive CRM, a kanban view

Pipedrive also allows you to customize your sales pipelines and gain visual representations of where your leads and deals stand in the sales process. You can also pull customized sales reports and track your team’s progress to help them stay on top.

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Salesforce is a great enterprise CRM which can give you a 360view of your customers

Sales Force is probably the biggest CRM provider on the market. They have a massive suite of different software tools to help any size sales team or organization excel. You can create detailed sales reports, email sequences, custom marketing and so much more. 

They also have different tools for different types of industries. Some of them include:

They are the market leader when it comes to CRM and sales management tools. They are also publicly traded and boast a market cap of over 220 billion.

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Hubspot CRM

Hubspot features, marketing hub, sales hub, service hub

Hubspot is also another full stack CRM provider which offers custom solutions for all components of your business. They have services ranging from marketing, customer services, sales management and customized reporting.

It’s geared more towards established organizations which needs a solution to help them scale their business further. They also offer free CRM solutions to smaller businesses with limited functionality. 

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FreshSales features in one overview

Freshsales offers extensive CRM and sales management features which can help your team create a fully customized view of your sales process. They are very intuitive and easy to use at all business levels. 

They also have unique functionalities like lead scoring which allow you to rank your leads based on their profile and how frequently they engage with your products and services. This is a great feature to have because it allows you to build better rapport with your existing leads and future customers.

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Salesflare is a great CRM system for smb businesses selling to other businesses

SalesFlare is a lower budget sales management tool which is meant to help you develop a better relationship with your leads and customers. They feature rich integrations into almost every CRM provider with their state of the art rest API. 

They focus on providing you with tools which are meant to take out the manual data entry component of your sales process. They offer features such as:

  • Automatic email and number storage
  • Logging meetings and phone calls
  • Lead nurturing and follow up system
  • Website and link tracking

They are meant to help automate certain components of the sales process that can take up a lot of time for busy salespeople. 

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Agile CRM

Screenshot of the AgileCRM dashboard, an interactive dashboard with all your sales numbers

Agile CRM specializes in helping businesses automate their marketing process and customer service so salespeople can focus on closing more deals without dealing with the day to day of customer and marketing management. 

They have plenty of different software tools to help you manage your lead flow, schedule appointments, management projects with your team members and much more. The great part with Agile CRM is that they are very affordable for small to mid scale businesses but can even accommodate businesses at the enterprise level. 

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Increase your sales with the close CRM & Email possibilites

As the name implies, Close is focused on helping provide software tools to businesses in order to help them close more leads and sales. Their product suite is focused on optimizing your company’s sales workflow in order to generate more revenue in one central location. 

Their 3 main solutions include:

They are also integrated to a ton of other software providers in order to help your business align it’s needs according to it’s growing demands. 

Check out all the features and pricing information in our full review >>> Close Review 


StreakCRM features in one overview

Streak is another CRM provider which focuses on helping you manage your workflow straight from your inbox. It integrates directly to your email provider and allows you to create and share timelines of emails, important notes and your sales pipeline.

It has great tracking features which can help keep your sales organization stay on top of appointments. The tool is incredibly easy to use and can be installed to Chrome with the click of a button and allows you to fully customize your work setup. 

Check out all the features and pricing information in our full review >>> Streak Review 


Zoho is a CRM which is already trusted by 50million users globally

Zoho is a full scale CRM and businesses management solution geared towards mid to large size corporations. They are extremely versatile and offer a long list of integrations that can help you manage almost any tasks that your business requires. 

They have a massive marketplace to help integrate to different platforms to help teams manage their work without any hassle. Zoho has a massive suite of products which are similar to SalesForce and have capabilities for almost any industry.

This is the solution for businesses who are in the process of scaling and need solutions to help them get to the next level. 

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Engage Bay

Engagebay offers everything for sales and marketing people; marketing automation, crm en support features

Engage Bay prides itself on being an all in one sales and marketing CRM. It’s meant to help growing business acquire, nurture and convert more leads with it’s marketing and sales platform. 

They are very affordable and are a great option for smaller scale businesses who need to manage their leads and marketing effectively. 

Engage Bay offers a great live chat and helpdesk feature which allows you to provide real time help to your leads and customers and also check on their needs and concerns with their ticket system. 

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