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Attraction Marketing Strategies: Everything You Need to Know About Attraction Marketing

December 6, 2020
Marketing Automation

What is Attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is the process of providing valuable content which attracts the target audience to the product or service being offered. The content being offered should correlate with the needs and wants of the target audience. If done properly, this technique creates loyal customers who value the brand and what it offers. 

Attraction marketing is also referred to as inbound marketing, online marketing, or internet marketing. It’s referred to as online or internet marketing because most of the intriguing content is provided through the internet on blog posts, videos, articles, etc. 

At the heart of attraction marketing is how easily reachable the brand is online, the number of repeat website visitors, and high-quality content that’s relevant. The brand’s content has to be so in-tune with the needs of the target audience that they are drawn to the website naturally through their own online browsing. The target audience should want to continually consume your content and ultimately want to purchase your product or service to improve their lives. 

This method directly contradicts traditional marketing methods that push messages out towards a wide audience and floods them with irrelevant information. Traditional marketing tools include billboard, radio, and print advertisements. These techniques are completely opposite to attraction marketing techniques. 

Real World Examples of Attraction Marketing

Example 1

Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings brand is a great example of a company using the attraction marketing method. All under the same Cravings brand, her offering includes cookbooks, kitchen products, and a cooking blog with recipes and tips. Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram is packed with daily cooking content as well. Loosely defined, her target audience includes people who love home cooking. She attracts her target audience to her Cravings brand by providing valuable content that home chefs flock to. 

For example, a member of their target audience discovers an Instagram story of Chrissy Teigen making a certain dish from her cookbook. The food looks delicious and they picked up a new cooking tip along the way. They purchase her cookbook and discover more of her recipes. The pictures and recipes in the book showcase the kitchen tools from the Cravings product line. The now loyal customer purchases a few new cooking utensils, and continues to read her blog for new recipes. The cycle of brand loyalty continues.

The Cravings brand was able to cultivate a loyal customer base through expertly executing the attraction marketing technique. They created interesting content that was directly relevant to their target audience and genuinely attracted them to their brand.   

Example 2

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies are another good example of companies who utilize the marketing technique of attraction marketing. Companies like Amway, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and LuLaRoe rely on sales representatives to draw in people to become either customers or representatives under them, by detailing their personal successes with the product. 

Representatives for the company attract new customers by hosting parties in their home where they tell their family, friends, and new acquaintances how these products have benefited their life. Parties can also be held virtually via social media, with pictures, text, and video testimonials telling the success stories. Honesty is key here, otherwise the representatives could create mistrust of the brand if they oversell the product or service and underdeliver. 

New customers are attracted to the brand and its products through their relationship with the representative and their successful testimonials. Instead of having advertisements pushed on them, they’re drawn to the brand and become loyal to it. 

Example 3

Another example of companies that successfully use attraction marketing are craft stores such as JoAnn Fabrics. The craft store chain attracts its customers through in-person classes on sewing, quilting, and other specific crafts. Through these classes, customers are left inspired, educated, and ultimately wanting to purchase crafting materials. 

JoAnn Fabric’s website also has videos, tutorials, and blog posts on various craft ideas. Their customers are first drawn to the crafty content on their website which inspires them to create and makes them loyal to purchasing the brand’s craft supplies. 

Attraction Marketing Ideas

Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful and the most common attraction marketing tools. Fortunately, it can also be at zero cost to the marketer depending on what is done with it. This can include Pinterest boards, Facebook groups, YouTube videos, Instagram stories, and tweets on Twitter. 

Through a steady building of your brand’s online presence, you’ll accumulate a loyal following of genuinely interested customers. 


Blogs are also a common and powerful tool of attraction marketing. Blogs posts, both long and short, provide an opportunity to connect with your target audience and draw them in with meaningful content. You can explore your brand and all it has to offer, more in depth. Over time, you’re able to create a bond with your audience that turns them into loyal followers of your brand. 


Ebooks are another attraction marketing tool that creates a trusting relationship with your customers. An ebook offers a long-form method of earning credibility with your audience. It allows you to show at-length what you know about the product or service you’re offering. 

If your audience ends up liking your book, they now have a trusting bond with your brand making them more inclined to purchase your products or services. 


Webinars are similar to ebooks in terms of being a long-form method of educating your audience while creating credibility. But webinars can be a more visual representation of your product or service, therefore keeping your audience more attentive than if they had to read a book. A great webinar should leave your audience excited and ready to start using your product or service.  


The attraction marketing method involves the use of marketing techniques to draw in your target audience with specific content that aligns with the needs and wants of your audience. This method is the complete opposite to traditional marketing methods that bombard audiences with irrelevant messaging. 

Real-life examples of attraction marketing include the Cravings brand through their relevant online content, multi-level marketing companies with their sales representative relationships, and the craft store JoAnn’s with their in-person crafting classes. 

A few ways you can implement attraction marketing through your brand is with social media, blog posts, ebooks, and webinars. The bigger your brand’s online presence, the more credibility it has. When attraction marketing is done properly, this technique creates customers who are loyal to your brand and all it has to offer.  

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